Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Stories They Could Tell

What is it about old barns, old farms that in their silence call out to me? They whisper through their wooden walls, crooked gates, peeling paint and empty windows that there was so much life, so many stories that could have been shared if only I had been just a wee bit earlier to see them. You can almost hear the sounds, smell the smells and make up your own tales of the day as it draws to a close.

Many of us take photos of old barns - in good shape or almost done - and many of us scrapbook them as well. I decided to put together a little freebie in honour of our old barns and farms, and for Digital Scrapbooking Day. You can click on it to download or if you want it done in color just pop me a comment or message. I'd be so happy to do that for you.

Enjoy the freebie and please post some links or send me your pages that you've done with it so we can all share in your creative work!

Live Love Laugh

Today was that day for us - we enjoyed each other's company, we enjoyed our time together and we also played, worked and loved in the warm fall sunshine! Luke and I and Earl all had some special time together working on the truck, painting, playing in the grass, watching clouds and birds, chasing dogs, petting cats and just enjoying each other. I did manage to get some photos (okay when I unloaded my memory card from the past few days I had over 200 photos!) and even scrapped a few too!

I'm doing CT for Vivayne and she designs for Scrapbooks Gone Digital - check it out! These three pages were done with her great goodies...

Sometimes the light in the afternoon is just perfect for photos - and today was just perfect for a small window of time. I captured cats, dogs, leaves, Luke and me!

It was a nice day so Luke and I lay on our backs to watch the clouds - which of course made the dogs very curious and made the cats think they were missing something - so we didn't stay that way for long. I did, however, find the angle from there very sweet for some fun photos of Luke dancing like a falling leaf!

Every now and again I get a photo that captures, in a small way, the spirit that I love and admire that is Luke. The sunset with the tire swing and his running in the grass was the perfect way to end a wonderful day!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Me and A Poem

Me and a Poem

I have this really great kit for a designer that I CT for called Daybreak that I LOVE! The colors, the details and how it all goes together. Last night I was looking at the yummy papers and wanted to do something really special with it - so I did two double page layouts (getting all of these digital pages printed is going to require some planning!)...hope you enjoy. If you want Daybreak, go to Jaya Prem's Hangout and visit her store at Scrapable.

Okay, as promised here are the two 'stories' that go with the pages.


I was invited, and honoured, to speak to a group regarding my work with animal emergencies. I was, however, unprepared for some of the 'add-on's' to the task such as photo, bio and brief of my presentation. It wasn't just because I was asked on short notice, it is that I never have thought about what I had to say as having enough import for me to need such things as a photo, bio and a presentation brief. That night I scrambled and surfed around to find a headshot that would work...I did settle on one but it wasn't great. Most of my pictures have Luke, a dog, a truck or a Farm Girl cap (not that any of those things are not awesome, of course) but I knew I needed a head shot that showed confidence and a wee bit of personality. The other night I took my camera in the sunroom and took some photos. I am so thankful they turned out (in part to a great haircut by Margaret at Hair in the City, Winnipeg) and wanted to do a page of just 'me'. I didn't even feel too selfish ;-) about having a page of me photos.

"Daybreak Warning"
You know the old saying, "Red sky in morning, sailor's warning, red sky at night, sailor's delight"? Well we know it is so true, red sky in the morning can lead to a very windy day ahead, so when I took the photos of our wonderful sunrise I was actually thinking of what might blow away! When I started playing with the Daybreak papers and swirls I thought of the windy day and the sunrise photos - and wow it worked! I came up with a quick little poem and 'taa daa' I did another layout with just one photo and a few simple elements.

I still have to post my photos of my other paper pages from Shanley's awesome C.M. Croptoberfest last weekend (I tied in a layout contest with Kimberly!) and I promised a freebie wordart this weekend...but for now it's back to work.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two boys = Lots of Fun!

Luke worked so hard, and was missing Aunty Shelly and Evan lots, and we finally got a day when we all could get together! The two boys were so excited to see each other, and little man Zachary got in on the action too! They ran and played, and ran and played and then took it outside for some serious 'big boy' fun with an excavator, a play structure and a dog named Daisy.

I had to do two layouts (and will have a couple more!) as soon as I could...the photos turned out super.

The above layout was done using Scrapgirls' Work Zone kit - you gotta check it out! It's AWESOME stuff!

This next layout was done using Jaya Prem's 'Boys Will Be Boys' kit - there is an alpha, elements and papers...great for cool (or as Luke says, "BAD") boy layouts. Click on the kit to go to her store for the kit, you'll love it!

I loved the bottle cap that I used to put my favorite photo of the day - somehow I was able to get both smiling faces to pause for just a shutter's breath and 'gotcha'! They were having so much fun, as you can see, and it was a great fall day for two best pals to spend together.

I've had some nice comments on my little freebie from the previous post, hope to hear from more of you and see some layouts! I'm working on a little word art for us farm and country folks who love old barns...look for it over the weekend. Go check out the kits and have a super night.

Bright blessings, always and in all ways...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall & Harvest

Although it is hard to say 'farewell' to summer fall does offer it's share of wonders. Migrating birds, the painter's box of colored leaves and grasses. Our animals getting their winter coats, getting shaggy and long. The days can be warm with no bugs, they can be chilly without being cold. The snow comes to visit and then leaves us with a freshly washed fall yard.

To celebrate fall I've decided to share a mini kit I made for scrapbooking. Share some love with your comments, use as much as you want, personal or commercial no worries. My only request is to share some of those pages that you've made! Would love to see what you do...after all it's that kind of encouragement that might motivate me to do another set of bits for this kit or make a new one :-) Click here for the files. If that doesn't work let me know and we'll get it to you another way!

The weather is so nice today we might have a fall cookout over the open fire tonight - hot dogs and chips! Sounds yummy...nice fire, warm fall night. Will get some photos, and one of these days I'll do some more pages.

I was a home handiwoman today, and that felt pretty good to fix something on my own. And it worked too! Which is an added bonus. Gotta get some work done though and post this so my Farm Girl friends and other friends can grab their fall treat! brightly blessed, always and in all ways!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now that's loyalty

The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic.

Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

Read more:

This page really was a challenge for me, I wanted to have a timless feel but still have a sense of the energy that 'is' Luke and his pal Sam. The pj's are from Sweden, a dear friend sent them for him and when he was in the 'forest' the pictures came out with a timeless feel. This page took me quite a long time, playing with elements and goodies, trying different looks. The more I tried for something the less it worked, so I started playing with elements of color and movement and it worked.
My challenge, for myself, lately is to try and take the things I love in my digital scrapbooking and incorporate some of them in to my paper and hybrid projects, and the reverse is true as well. Not to copy entirely one medium to the next, but to get a similar feel or dimension from a photo that I want to play wit in both types of scrapping. Here is an example - one digi page which I
LOVE how it turned out and one paper one that shares a similar feel but is not exactly the same. I'm pleased with the results and it lets me try new things.
So here I am working, playing with Luke, trying to do some things around the house and to get ready for a crop tonight. I'm pretty excited about that, and am looking forward to spending time with other creative scrappers. It's not the same as scrapping at home with all my own goodies and little Luke and furry inspirations running around but it will be some good girl time. I haven't been to a crop since spring, and Earl's Mom is going to come along too. Should be a great time.

Luke and I were doing dishes, playing bubbles and how he is driving his Tonka Jeep/Bronco around the house. Feathers, our red and white Border Collie, has wisely decided to hide somewhere with stairs from the crazy little driver. I think it is time to get some more work done today, and get ready for a super weekend with the two loves of my life - Earl and Luke.

Be well and be brightly blessed, always and in all ways!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Herbie Stunt Double

Luke has discovered, with the help of Mama and Deeda, the classic Love Bug (Herbie) movies...he has all but two of them (the new one and Herbie Rides Again). He especially likes it when Herbie splashes in water, and of course we had a couple of nice days and were able to find a nice puddle for Luke to reinact his favorite Herbie splashes...good thing my camera had fresh batteries! He had such a super great time. Word art by Bethany, backgrounds by Honey Designsand Scrapgirls. My photos, laughter and fun by Luke. Bethany has some wonderful word art (okay she has LOTS), Honey has kits that just totally rock and Scrapgirls are my girls and the stuff there is almost as super as the people you'll meet!

I did paper pages this weekend too, along with my digital page of Luke, which is the opposite of my usual. I've gotten almost 9 pages done in traditional and hybrid forms, while I only got one digital done :-) But I got to scrap and that felt SO GOOD!

I made a mini album for Earl's Kok using some wonderful freebies from Raspberry Road Designs (Hootin' Annie) and they were put into an owl shaped chipboard album. Wrapped a ribbon around it and used a cute paper clip with a flower to tie it all shut.

I'm on the deck right now - a few skeeters but the Off Powerpad Lamp and the wind are taking care of them, Luke is playing in his sandpit...I have to do some work but it is so nice right now I can't miss these moments of summer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Catch Up

What a busy summer - and sometimes it didn't feel like much a summer for the naughty weather - but we have been busy. Renos, working, playing, farming, quadding and hanging out with family and friends. We did travel up to La Ronge in June, and Earl is going back today for a few days to comfort his family after losing his Great Aunt. Luke and I will miss him but we need to be home this time...there will be other chances to go up and see everyone, happier chances too!

What else have we been doing? Working hard, doing home renos, working in the yard when it hasn't been raining...finally we have sun and moderate temperatures so Luke is outside LOTS and having fun. The bonus of the rain is on the warm side of our house my raspberries have just produced a bounty of fruit - enough to eat and share and freeze!

Thought I would post some of my layouts from over the summer - have tons of photos and will eventually catch up on them all in layouts or albums of some sort. Playing around with Picassa collages for those photos that group together well.

Our foster puppy, Sam, is now an adopted rescue puppy and he sure does bring Luke joy, Feathers and Abby nips and the cats are in shape keeping up or away from him! Fun all around.

Two or three times we've enjoyed our pool and I think I got photos of them all.

Working on my journey of faith, finding my way through God's Grace and that'll be on Strawberry Roan's blog later for those who might want to check it out.

For now, though, enjoy the pages and the pictures, and have a super sunny summer day!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Slumber, Dreams and Things

We have had a super busy summer so far, and with the rain and wind the internet satellite was off kilter's been awesome seeing friends and family though and doing some traveling. We went to Northern Saskatchewan to La Ronge (and Niemebien) for a few days. Luke got to fish on the lake with his Great Uncle Jack with Earl and was such a great time. I have hundreds of photos to scrapbook and luckily for me Tiff at Inspired by Dominic Designs has some super new kits and goodies. I did the page on this post with about to be released kit, Storybook Slumber Kit. You gotta check it out it's really cool for all your dreamy pages! Luke is finally asleep, and the rain fall has slowed down enough to let me be online. More soon, with more photos and the story of our La Ronge trip, a visit from Papa Dude and Gramma Jacki (including golf) and a visit from Nana and Rich...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kites with Deeda

It is Father's Day, our Anniversary, Summer Solstice and National Aboriginal Day - all today! Had to do a new layout or two (did some paper ones with Luke) of Luke and his Deeda (Daddy) flying kites. Check out the kit at Inspired by Dominic Designs, A Day Just For Dad, you'll love it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

In my rear view mirror...

...I see someone who is dear to me, precious in my sight. Luke...and I finally had the light right to capture him in that mirror I look in so often when we are on the road together. For me, of course, first comes the opportunity, then the photo and then the scrap! I took some great photos this weekend of us, while we played outside, and yes I'll be scrapping them for sure. Here is my page, done with Scrapgirls "Route 19" Kit and my photo. Enjoy...more pages to come soonest!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday Adventures

For the past two Sundays, after Church, we have taken Luke for some small adventures.  One was going to The Forks to see the bridge, the paths, the river and we got to listen to some live music.  Wonderful...Earl got to shop a bit, I got to hang with Luke.  He was quite intrigued with the river taxis and thought we should ride on one.  Earl got me a new kite to fly, and we tried when we got home...but the wind wasn't quite right.  Luke got a new book, Grumpy Bird, that is a new favorite for us all.

The next week (this past Sunday) Luke and I met our friends Benjamin, Andrew and Jules at the Assiniboine Park to tour the sculpture garden, duck pond and we ate lunch cooked by the Lions.  Luke liked the statues, the ponds and the flowers.  Feeding the ducks was a lot of fun too, thanks for bringing some bread Andrew. Luke danced and grooved to a live jazz band, and was quite curious about how come the statues got to be naked in the park but he couldn't!  After our adventure in the park we went home to relax...

Another Sunday we had Andrew bring Jules and Benjamin over to our house - the kids got to play and the grown ups got to visit.  Most fun was having the two Julias playing together, and seeing the boys hanging out too.  We bbq'd, visited the horses and cows.  Andrew brought food and we bbq'd.  We watched birds, visited and had a super time.

Took lots and lots of photos, all most all of which need to be scrapbooked and shared.  Grand time for everyone...and lots of fun too!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birds and Birds

We have so many birds, which is a fun and colorful blessing, just had to share some photos of them...they all hang out together.  The only ones that cause a ruckus are the blue jays but only for a few moments.  


Friday, June 5, 2009

Abby's Story

Abby, our sweet big Pyr, had a rough start to her life.  A person in Winnipeg got her as a puppy, and when he realized that his small urban yard was being destroyed by this young adult dog he tried to get her into rescue, when they weren't able to take her right away he set her loose in the city.  By some miracle WHS picked her up and contacted the Pyr Rescue who, of course, came to get her.  She was thin, shy and so sweet waiting for a home.  

At that time we were on our place and realized that with the rural area and the wildlife we needed a canine protector for our property and for our little man Luke.  We did not want a guard dog but rather choose a guardian dog (click here for more about Pyr's) and we found Abby.  Her first name was Renae but anyone who knows my side of the family would realize that's not a great dog name.  Abby seemed to suit her, and as soon as we saw her sweet face with the charcoal patch over one eye.

Abby got to go on one of the few car rides of her life (Pyr's will walk and run for miles but will not easily ride in cars or trucks) and came to our little ranch.  She immediately bonded with Luke who was a baby, and with our farm animals.  She and Earl were best friends right away, and she warmed up to me very quickly.

Because she didn't get a chance to learn things before we got here there were some habits that she had which were (and still are) challenging and hard to break.  The worst, absolute worst, was digging holes! She didn't dig holes, she dug craters and ditches and trenches...mostly for play but sometimes to catch moles and voles in the ground (good ears eh?).  She early on had a hard time with magpies and ensured they vacated our yard in short order.  But the holes - under the sunroom, across the lawn, in the driveway, under the trucks, in the flowerbeds...everywhere!  We tried just about everything and socks finally worked!  Kid's socks...phew...that's one habit that has curbed back alot.

Abby is a Pyr which means she barks and roams - and having learned no boundaries as a puppy we had to find a humane way to keep her safe at home and yet give her room to be herself.   Earl came up with a great way to give Abby what she needs - and she loves it! Although we did have to learn how very strong she was when our temporary anchor got drug away on one of her adventures! 

The barks have distinct meanings and nuances - so many as to become a complicated language!  She has a bark for strangers, friends she hasn't seen for a while, animals she doesn't know, bikes, quads, magpies, when she is stuck under a truck on her rope, when she is out of food or water and if there is a threat in the yard (bears, coyotes).  Some of her other barks have been "I'm tangled with my horse friend Lola - help!" and "Hey I know that person but not that car!" and my seasonal favorite "I HATES BLAZE ORANGE!" (she is almost Cujo about blaze orange hunting gear!)

She has grown into a huge, big girl - she can stand on her hind legs with her paws on my shoulders and look me in the eye.  She requires two people to lift her in the truck for grooming (wow that was a marathon this spring - she has LOTS of hair!).  She is strong and brave. She is strangely gentle.  Our poor orange cat Little Kitty (yes her story soon) is very small and we worried Abby might play too rough with her.  Well that big fraud protects and shelters that little 5lb cat like her own baby (I think that is the one thing Abby loves most - babies of any kind).  When Little Kitty had her kittens and I brought them in the house, Abby insisted on coming in to sleep next to their crate with the mama to 'guard' them.  

She loves and plays with Feathers and Emma - she has a bark for Emma to tell her to come back to the yard if she wanders.  She has never hurt Luke, and is so careful with him to the point of letting him use her as part of his personal Pyr play structure.  

Sadly, Abby has some issues from her past life that won't go away.  She is afraid of couch cushions and cameras, flashlights and gunshots.  Fortunately we don't shoot here, and I'm wise enough to sneak photos of her without scaring her.  If she wants to put her big feet on you, just make a square with your fingers and ask if she wants her picture taken...she wags her tail at the 'fake camera' and puts her feet down.  The cushion thing isn't traumatic anymore but certainly is helpful when you need her to stay in one place in the house - and trust me she's strong enough you cannot really force her physically!!

She is our sweet girl, and we cannot imagine life without a big hairy, barky, hole digging, panting in the house enormous furface.  She is the dog that has personally reduced the bear issues in our area and makes sure the animals she guards are guarded well. She also tries to guard our elderly neighbor (much to his chagrin) by barking when he comes out of his house and barking at him as he moves in his yard and then stopping when he stops moving or goes inside.  This can be irritating but when she stops barkin we all check to see if Les is okay in his yard!  People may not like it but she is doing the job her breed has been doing for thousands of years.

Abby and Emma faced off a bear and a family of skunks one fall night - and I really didn't know what we were going to do but I got both girls went into the house fine, the bear continued down the road and the skunks skulked off into the night.  No one was sprayed or injured (well maybe Earl and Henry were threatened for sleeping through it all!).

Abby hates water and doesn't like it when people are in water, but she loves rain and snow. She sleeps in the yard on her back like she's been dumped from a plane.  She gets silly and she can be serious.  She smiles and plays.  She is strong and brave, gentle and sweet. She also is trainable like a cat - ask a Pyr to do something and they get back to you...sometime...maybe...or you could do it first to show them...nah then they won' don't think Pyrs are easy dogs but they are worth the hard work because they are awesome. From their double dew claws down to their big furry faces and sweet you Abby!  I'm sorry you were lost so young but I'm thankful that your Guardian Angel brought you to us for your family...I'm glad you got found!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Emma's Story

Reposted from Facebook - to share with you:
We live in the country, not far from a few towns, one small city and less than an hour from Winnipeg. Because we live in the country we see things that city and town folks don't often see. Some is funny some is strange and some is sad. Abandoned animals are the saddest of all - because most of the time they are or were someone's companion animal or they are very young. These are not animals who can fend for them selves in a rural world full of cows, farm dogs, coyotes, bears and wolves - not to mention ravens, cars and shooters. But still they get left here, and this is Emma's story.

Two summers ago - I can't remember exactly when - we saw a dog wandering down our backroads. She was meandering and wandering and obviously wasn't sure of herself. I didn't understand what was wrong but something definately was not right. I called her, she turned around and I could see something was wrong with her eyes. As she came to a friendly voice, tail wagging and head down I touched her and noticed that she had cataracts on both eyes. Elkhounds of a certain generation and bloodline suffer from inoperable cataracts - thankfully this trait is no longer the problem it once was. So here we have a dog who is mostly blind, wandering around the country roads by herself.

I brought her home, friendly old soul that she was, and promptly started looking for her owners. I was thinking she got lost, after all who would abandon her like that? Ads, posters, calls to animal control and shelters yielded no results - no one was looking for her. She was loved once - she adores being brushed and will hold out her paws for nail trimming. She also was kept confined as she has pulling marks on her teeth from trying to chew or pull her way out of a cage or a crate. Someone had once loved her, but then she was no longer wanted and instead of finding a new home for her they dumped her in the country.

Now if you think about it - what sort of defense did she have? None! Barely able to see (at that time she could see much more than she does now), elderly and alone. She has stayed with us - loved our son, barked and offered her 'support' to our Pyr (who is also a rescue dog), has patiently put up with cats and our other dog Feathers (yep another rescue). She doesn't wander too much any more, she doesn't see well enough but she knows her yard. She has shelter abundantly, she has animal and people friends, she has food and water and most of all she has love, safe and forever love. 

Emma's story could have turned out badly in so many ways, and so quickly. She couldn't see danger or move quickly enough to avoid it - how much would she have suffered in a ditch, alone, with no one to miss her? I am so thankful that the Angels brought Emma to us, she is a sweet girl and makes our days. She loves to bark sometimes in the night but we can live with that to know she has a safe and loving forever home. We'll miss her when one day it is her turn to cross the rainbow bridge...but for now she is our sweet girl!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Scrap!

What a busy time of year - spring! I love it but it can seriously cause a scrapping backlog!  Tons of photos of us outside doing our thing on the farm, doing the family fun in the sun but scrap them? Not yet! :-)  But that doesn't mean they cannot be shared, even if they are not scrapped yet.  Biggest big deal this spring was Earl's grad from here are a few pics of that.  Any ideas for scrapping them are so welcome!  I have quite a few, some I'm doing work in in PS X2 removing or smoothing out backgrounds and evening color and lighting.  Luke still calls it 'Deeda's Special Day', and it was for us all!

I've also got GOT to redo my website ( as it is horribly outdated and really needs some work.  Alas, am out of ideas, so if anyone has ideas send them along...if I use one you'll get a special treat!

Gotta go and get Lukey ready for school...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love my boys, they make me smile and bring me pure joy.  I'm so blessed to have them in my life...and that is one reason why I photograph them so often and scrap them so much...

Earl got a push bar for his truck and of course if there is a vehicle and tools involved with his Deeda Luke has to be right there.  He looked so professional underneath helping his Deeda I couldn't resisit taking a bunch of photos.

His smile is an image of joy for me and the next page shows his love of life through laughter...I hope, fervently pray, that he never loses the ability to feel and enjoy life so much!

Goodies from Inspired by Dominic Designs including stuff from the Art Joi, Starry Nights and Flair Elements.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Home Birds

Tiff from Inspired By Dominic Designs has some really special goodies, and I just had to play with the spring ones - and to welcome home Luke's bird friends.  They are almost all back now - hummers, orioles, mourning doves, gros beaks, finches, sparrows, swallows and more...we are happy to see their feathered faces. This is the feeder Luke made, and he was worried that the birds wouldn't like it, but they really really do! Welcome home bird friends...

Welcome Spring...uh spring...where are you?

This has been one weird week - sunny, warm, almost hot, cool to chilly, rain, sleet and snow - oh and yes it is the middle of MAY!  Oh well, that's the way things go in Canada - don't like the weather just wait.  Or another classic: don't like the weather? You ain't alone!  We have so many seasons all at once, and our birds who are newly returned are looking a little confused - the hummers, orioles, grosbeaks, finches, wrens, robins and the sparrows are eating and fluttering around.  It is lovely to see and I do love spring, even when she is being a bit grumpy about waking up after her long winter to celebrate that I've done some pages with the new A+Designs "Love Always" Kit...enjoy!

These were from last June when Luke had his television debut on the Big Breakfast co-hosting with Jon to show him around the barns at Touch the Farm at the Red River Ex.  He did a super job and as always was a super cutie...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Play Ball!

Luke loves his 'biggest green ball ever seen' and playing with it brings him such joy.  This was this Saturday, at Grandma and Grandpa's.  He was having so much fun (did the previous two layouts give you any hints?). This kit is Memories of Me by Inspired by Dominic Designs.  Love it!

A busy day...

We have had such a great few days, busy but so wonderful. Grad for Earl, Grad BBQ with friends, working at home and visiting.  I did get two pages done, using the wonderful new Gavin's Toy Box from A+Designs, and had to share them.  More as I finish editing and cropping my photos. Took a ton today of Luke and all of us...we sure had fun.  It was a great spring day...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jamie's Rainbow by Inspired by Dominic

This kit, which you can get from Inspired by Dominic Designs, is great. Here are two pages from our mini holiday to Brandon.  The pool pictures I took but the rest of the goodies are from the kit.

I do not...

For Faith Sisters I did a page about things I am not - hardest was choosing 10, but the fun part was using Mel's Natural Beauty kit (see link on previous post)!  It is way time for sleep though, almost 1 am and here I am bloggin' and scrappin' - weirdness!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Farm Girl Me!

We had a great day - we rode, we walked, we fenced, we played and had a great farm day!  I am on with Mel at A+Designs and had to use her kit for my page of some of today's photos.  Sadly I missed the Luke riding photos (I was walking with him leading Belle) but we did get some other great ones. Look for them soonest!

Stay warm, stay dry and stay happy!