Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Catch Up

What a busy summer - and sometimes it didn't feel like much a summer for the naughty weather - but we have been busy. Renos, working, playing, farming, quadding and hanging out with family and friends. We did travel up to La Ronge in June, and Earl is going back today for a few days to comfort his family after losing his Great Aunt. Luke and I will miss him but we need to be home this time...there will be other chances to go up and see everyone, happier chances too!

What else have we been doing? Working hard, doing home renos, working in the yard when it hasn't been raining...finally we have sun and moderate temperatures so Luke is outside LOTS and having fun. The bonus of the rain is on the warm side of our house my raspberries have just produced a bounty of fruit - enough to eat and share and freeze!

Thought I would post some of my layouts from over the summer - have tons of photos and will eventually catch up on them all in layouts or albums of some sort. Playing around with Picassa collages for those photos that group together well.

Our foster puppy, Sam, is now an adopted rescue puppy and he sure does bring Luke joy, Feathers and Abby nips and the cats are in shape keeping up or away from him! Fun all around.

Two or three times we've enjoyed our pool and I think I got photos of them all.

Working on my journey of faith, finding my way through God's Grace and that'll be on Strawberry Roan's blog later for those who might want to check it out.

For now, though, enjoy the pages and the pictures, and have a super sunny summer day!

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