Friday, June 1, 2012

Yellow Belt!


You know when you work really hard for something, you really try, 
and you think it will never happen? 

 Even when you see your friends get their yellow belts before you, 
and you are still so encouraging for them. 

Even when you try and try and just feel like you've missed the mark?  

And you pray, oh you pray and you are faithful in waiting on God's will?  Because you know when He decides you are ready, you'll be good and truly ready?

Then you get surprised!  Watching and celebrating with your friend, with a bit of broken heart around your eyes that only a Mama can see, your Sensei honours you as well.  
With the yellow belt you worked so hard for. 

And in joy and surprise you fell to the mat, then you got up and ran to me.

Don't ever forget that moment of pure joy in your accomplishment my dear son.
Never forget that exclamation of thankfulness to God, which was so honest and right.

You did it buddy, you earned that yellow belt! So proud of you.

(Luke trains at Revelation Martial Arts, in jiu jitsu, with Sensei John.  
An amazing teacher and friend.)

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