Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuck in Seuss

Sneeches on beaches, wickets doing pickets.
I'm Mama to a boy who loves his Seuss.
Weaving my tongue through the wordy thickets,
Twisting, tying, dancing, and laughing like a Snoose.

A Snoose you say, what's that you aren't sure?
It's a critter of course, of moderate size and snout.
Brightly colored they move so fast it's a blur.
They laugh and laugh, belly in and belly out.

A laughing Snoose! What could be better?
Their laughs can move buildings, bridges and walks
they laugh freely, loosely, wildly, without fetter.
They laugh alone, they laugh in pairs and in flocks!

Laugh with a book by Seuss, a poem by Shel.
Laugh with a song, laugh with a look, laugh and laugh,
Laugh with a grown up, laugh with a child, laugh alone as well.
Just laugh and laugh, be sure to laugh whole'y and not by half.

Inspired by our love of great read aloud books, especially the wonderful creations of Seuss!
Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Farm Fun Part II

The dugout slopes were just right for some sliding...

Thanks for the help Daddy!

And an assist from Anna as well.

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Farm Fun Part I

Freckles is wondering what Luke is doing with the remote control truck...

Archie is interested but also not quiet sure...

Archie and Brazos can't wait to see who is going to get chased next!

Now THAT is farm fun!

Nothing better than farm fun for farm boys...

Brindle wonders if this truck hauls cookies...or carrots...or apples...

Anna doesn't think the truck is as much fun as chasing a soccer ball or chasing cows...

Lazarus, Luke and Anna...

Aurora and Lazarus

Now that's moving cows buddy!
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