Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Stories They Could Tell

What is it about old barns, old farms that in their silence call out to me? They whisper through their wooden walls, crooked gates, peeling paint and empty windows that there was so much life, so many stories that could have been shared if only I had been just a wee bit earlier to see them. You can almost hear the sounds, smell the smells and make up your own tales of the day as it draws to a close.

Many of us take photos of old barns - in good shape or almost done - and many of us scrapbook them as well. I decided to put together a little freebie in honour of our old barns and farms, and for Digital Scrapbooking Day. You can click on it to download or if you want it done in color just pop me a comment or message. I'd be so happy to do that for you.

Enjoy the freebie and please post some links or send me your pages that you've done with it so we can all share in your creative work!

Live Love Laugh

Today was that day for us - we enjoyed each other's company, we enjoyed our time together and we also played, worked and loved in the warm fall sunshine! Luke and I and Earl all had some special time together working on the truck, painting, playing in the grass, watching clouds and birds, chasing dogs, petting cats and just enjoying each other. I did manage to get some photos (okay when I unloaded my memory card from the past few days I had over 200 photos!) and even scrapped a few too!

I'm doing CT for Vivayne and she designs for Scrapbooks Gone Digital - check it out! These three pages were done with her great goodies...

Sometimes the light in the afternoon is just perfect for photos - and today was just perfect for a small window of time. I captured cats, dogs, leaves, Luke and me!

It was a nice day so Luke and I lay on our backs to watch the clouds - which of course made the dogs very curious and made the cats think they were missing something - so we didn't stay that way for long. I did, however, find the angle from there very sweet for some fun photos of Luke dancing like a falling leaf!

Every now and again I get a photo that captures, in a small way, the spirit that I love and admire that is Luke. The sunset with the tire swing and his running in the grass was the perfect way to end a wonderful day!