Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Scrap!

What a busy time of year - spring! I love it but it can seriously cause a scrapping backlog!  Tons of photos of us outside doing our thing on the farm, doing the family fun in the sun but scrap them? Not yet! :-)  But that doesn't mean they cannot be shared, even if they are not scrapped yet.  Biggest big deal this spring was Earl's grad from here are a few pics of that.  Any ideas for scrapping them are so welcome!  I have quite a few, some I'm doing work in in PS X2 removing or smoothing out backgrounds and evening color and lighting.  Luke still calls it 'Deeda's Special Day', and it was for us all!

I've also got GOT to redo my website ( as it is horribly outdated and really needs some work.  Alas, am out of ideas, so if anyone has ideas send them along...if I use one you'll get a special treat!

Gotta go and get Lukey ready for school...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love my boys, they make me smile and bring me pure joy.  I'm so blessed to have them in my life...and that is one reason why I photograph them so often and scrap them so much...

Earl got a push bar for his truck and of course if there is a vehicle and tools involved with his Deeda Luke has to be right there.  He looked so professional underneath helping his Deeda I couldn't resisit taking a bunch of photos.

His smile is an image of joy for me and the next page shows his love of life through laughter...I hope, fervently pray, that he never loses the ability to feel and enjoy life so much!

Goodies from Inspired by Dominic Designs including stuff from the Art Joi, Starry Nights and Flair Elements.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Home Birds

Tiff from Inspired By Dominic Designs has some really special goodies, and I just had to play with the spring ones - and to welcome home Luke's bird friends.  They are almost all back now - hummers, orioles, mourning doves, gros beaks, finches, sparrows, swallows and more...we are happy to see their feathered faces. This is the feeder Luke made, and he was worried that the birds wouldn't like it, but they really really do! Welcome home bird friends...

Welcome Spring...uh spring...where are you?

This has been one weird week - sunny, warm, almost hot, cool to chilly, rain, sleet and snow - oh and yes it is the middle of MAY!  Oh well, that's the way things go in Canada - don't like the weather just wait.  Or another classic: don't like the weather? You ain't alone!  We have so many seasons all at once, and our birds who are newly returned are looking a little confused - the hummers, orioles, grosbeaks, finches, wrens, robins and the sparrows are eating and fluttering around.  It is lovely to see and I do love spring, even when she is being a bit grumpy about waking up after her long winter to celebrate that I've done some pages with the new A+Designs "Love Always" Kit...enjoy!

These were from last June when Luke had his television debut on the Big Breakfast co-hosting with Jon to show him around the barns at Touch the Farm at the Red River Ex.  He did a super job and as always was a super cutie...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Play Ball!

Luke loves his 'biggest green ball ever seen' and playing with it brings him such joy.  This was this Saturday, at Grandma and Grandpa's.  He was having so much fun (did the previous two layouts give you any hints?). This kit is Memories of Me by Inspired by Dominic Designs.  Love it!

A busy day...

We have had such a great few days, busy but so wonderful. Grad for Earl, Grad BBQ with friends, working at home and visiting.  I did get two pages done, using the wonderful new Gavin's Toy Box from A+Designs, and had to share them.  More as I finish editing and cropping my photos. Took a ton today of Luke and all of us...we sure had fun.  It was a great spring day...