Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Spring...uh spring...where are you?

This has been one weird week - sunny, warm, almost hot, cool to chilly, rain, sleet and snow - oh and yes it is the middle of MAY!  Oh well, that's the way things go in Canada - don't like the weather just wait.  Or another classic: don't like the weather? You ain't alone!  We have so many seasons all at once, and our birds who are newly returned are looking a little confused - the hummers, orioles, grosbeaks, finches, wrens, robins and the sparrows are eating and fluttering around.  It is lovely to see and I do love spring, even when she is being a bit grumpy about waking up after her long winter to celebrate that I've done some pages with the new A+Designs "Love Always" Kit...enjoy!

These were from last June when Luke had his television debut on the Big Breakfast co-hosting with Jon to show him around the barns at Touch the Farm at the Red River Ex.  He did a super job and as always was a super cutie...

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