Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in the scrap...sort of!

Here I am again, writing on two blogs at once, thinking about redoing a website or two maybe three (aaaaahhhhh) watching the wind blow and seeing the inflatable snowman waving at the neighbors.  It is -4 (can you tell I'm happy about the warmer weather) and tonight is a late night for Earl at school, he is taking an evening class on Horse Production (don't tell the mares!).  I started his blog today, well did the header and name - posting is his job!  You can see it at if you are curious about my Coyote.

Luke cracked me up - he was searching around looking for his fuzzy yellow blanket (the blanket that cannot be out of hand for very long) and when he looked right where I suggested I heard him exclaim, "Well whaddya know here it is!"

I thought I'd post a couple of my new pages, done with some great elements and papers from Scrapbook Flair, Pillowgirl, Sara Marie and Nip's.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We did it...

Yep we did it!  We were outside, in shorts for a while but then pants, bbq'ing and laughing and taking pictures.  What a great way to end the day...we are doing that again today.  Have a roast and some ribs cooking low in the pellet bbq.  It's -4C here today and even a bit of wind cannot take away the great sense of 'nice' with the weather!  Promised pictures - and here they are!  

More later, gotta go check on my big boy and little boy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sun goes down, temperature goes up...

Just a little update, the sun went down with wind and drifts of snow blowing across our pastures, fields and roads but the temperature is creeping up towards nicer places...right now for the first time in a long time we are facing evening with a temperature that doesn't start at-30 something...I can go to sleep happy with -14!  :-)

Cold Snap

What a cold few weeks we've had - very chilly to danged down-right cold.  I'm not super happy with the cold weather - it is hard on people and animals let alone facilities and equipment.  Our power out plan got put into action the other day when the hydro lines went down and our area was without power for over an hour. That doesn't seem long until you consider that we had -34C weather and we heat with a pellet stove.  Our 'response plan' went into action smoothly and we were able to get the trucks started, the generator going and the stove continued to run heating the house.  Our son didn't really notice anything was wrong except the house was' really quiet' and his ceiling fan wasn't working (Mama did the hydro man break my fan?).  We have three generators and my super prepared husband wants another that will be bigger but easy to start for when he is at school.

The cold snap has had some benefits - for those who like home improvement projects, like my Earl.  He has done shelves, rearranging, and T&G pine on the walls.  He has more ideas and wants to do them all!   He does a great job and his creations always turn out so well.

I did some scrapbooking pages between workin, and did a presentation to a class of 2nd year students at the University.  We had a great time, even it was was still brutally cold out. 

Speaking of cold, I've heard a rumor that we are supposed to be getting warmer to warm weather this weekend - and of course my excitement led me to promise that if we had single digits or plus digits I'd be out on the deck in shorts bbq'ing.  Picking up a Traeger pellet bbq to try out tomorrow morning and yeah if it is nice enough I'll do the cooking in my shorts!  Steak, burgers and maybe some farmer sausages or hot dogs - c'mon over!  Not exactly a tail-gate party but close enough for us country folks.  Look for photos soon...sorry about not writing sooner but I got caught up in work, preschooler and school stuff along with chores and things.

Stay warm, and be well!