Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in the scrap...sort of!

Here I am again, writing on two blogs at once, thinking about redoing a website or two maybe three (aaaaahhhhh) watching the wind blow and seeing the inflatable snowman waving at the neighbors.  It is -4 (can you tell I'm happy about the warmer weather) and tonight is a late night for Earl at school, he is taking an evening class on Horse Production (don't tell the mares!).  I started his blog today, well did the header and name - posting is his job!  You can see it at if you are curious about my Coyote.

Luke cracked me up - he was searching around looking for his fuzzy yellow blanket (the blanket that cannot be out of hand for very long) and when he looked right where I suggested I heard him exclaim, "Well whaddya know here it is!"

I thought I'd post a couple of my new pages, done with some great elements and papers from Scrapbook Flair, Pillowgirl, Sara Marie and Nip's.

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