Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Little Cowboy

Riding Belle - this is one of his favorite things.  This is her retirement job.

Classic western profile, how I wish your Great Grandpa could see you buddy!

Learning his balance and seat the Mama way...

"Hey Mama, look at me!"

Belle actually listening to Luke...and then deciding if she is going to do as he asked!

Moving nice.

"Thanks Miss Belley!  Love you!"

A kiss for his favorite horse...she would have preferred a horse crunch!

That's ranch love!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

One more turn

Photo prompt from Magpie Tales.

One more turn, please sir.
Just one to the right.
Should be what
we need
to set
Just one more.
Stop!  That should be it.
If only it were so simple to fix
all the things we have
made a mess of
here on our
it will take
so much more than
a turn of a hidden cog by a
wrench wielding earth mechanic
to fix what we have done.
We need to start
thinking more
about it.
She feeds us
she gives us all she has
and all she asks is for us to 
care just a little bit more
than we did before
just a tiny bit
just one
One turn
to the right, choice,
that is. Make it right and
maybe she'll be able to start
healing and breathing more 
easily, knowing that
her children do
truly know

Magpie Tales photo prompt, but inspired as well by the Lorax. Unless! Unless. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Stripe Man

Two stripes in jui jitsui, I'm so proud of you buddy!
Sensei John from Revelation Martial Arts in Steinbach does such a great job with the boys! 

Linking up on The MOB Society to celebrate our boys. Won't you join us?
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What limits?

Can you give me a one-by-three, red?
How about the hinge piece, in grey?
I need an angle, in blue, but three wide.
Right angles, stacking on top, below.

Some special, some classic.
Given enough pieces and enough time
would a six year old build the universe?

Some from new sets, others so old.
Given enough pieces and enough time
would Daddy build a masterpiece?

Some limits are by scale and size.
Who has room for the whole ship
on the kitchen floor, where we walk?

Some limits are by imagination and age.
Who can imagine what they cannot
picture in their minds fertile and bold?

Movies made in stop action, car chase
sound effects for a space movie
cause that's all you know how to make,

If we are limited by only our heart
and by our imagination then why
are we not changing the world yet?

What if the limits that hold us back
are nothing stronger than the fears
that kept someone back before?

If a mustard seed sized faith does
mountains move, then what does
a faith the size of a one by one stud do?

Love, life and Lego...inspired by my son, playing on the floor, having a Castle, Ninja, Star Wars and Indiana Jones imagination extravaganza with an audience of dogs while the winter sun casts shadows on a drifted yard.  

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Tired of being tucked into winter's white duvet,
I'm seeking for spring, looking for an 'away'
wanting the rebirth from the spring warm sun
and wishing for those green grasses to come.

And yet we can't complain, not really.
It's been so nice and sweet this winter.
Snow for sliding, warm sun for basking.
Makes little boys so happy and mama's too.

I do think, though, that the dogs
know the rebirth of spring best.
They can smell the earth 'wakening
and hear her stirring beneath.

Spring has so many wonders
waiting to burst forth and out.
But we shouldn't waste the fun
of playing in the snow!

Rebirth comes while we wait.
But what we do while waiting
is what makes the life worth
birthing again and again.

While I love spring and growing, this winter being so mild has given us snow and days to play outside until we are wet and tired. A perfect balance for late winter, don't you think?

I wanted to write something more 'heavy' on the Poets United "Rebirth" prompt but who can be deep and serious on a day when the snow hills are calling for laughing boys to slide and silly dogs to run?