Friday, February 24, 2012

Highland Cow Attack

A great prompt at With Real Toads, be inspired by another poem.  I can't think of one that makes me smile more than Cow Attack by Baxter Black.  Take a look, if you dare!

To say a cow is just a cow ain't right,
That's like saying a horse is just a zebra
sans black and white stripes.

There's some ol range cows that are
fierce and snotty. They'll tree ya quick,
or they will try to eat ya.

Them's not my cows though I can promise.
My girls are gentle and so very sweet,
never a snotty charge you'll see.

Everyone is safe with them, even a babe.
No one ever gets chased or treed,
well almost no one you see.

There is one cow you'll wanta watch for
if you are careless about cookies.
Cookies you ain't sharin that is.

Ol Blackie has one shape and it is round.
She is a sweetie but a royal pig
when it comes to treats.

Ya can pull her ears or polish her horns,
pet her calf, even scratch her belly
but don't be silly now tho!

If you have a crinkely or a crackly,
a cookie or a carrot, keep em quiet
I'm warning ya!

She'd lick ya and slobber in a mos'
undignafied way tongue out
and running ya down.

Cookies or a treat, even an empty
wrapper can bring'er coming.
Half a head of sweet teeth.

It ain't no real cow attack,not like
with a range cow or saucy bossy.
But it'll skid yer shorts the same.

Don't fool with that big cow,
she's jealous of her treats.

Mos other times she's good tho.
Just empty yer pockets is all.

Cowboy poetry! Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Young Psalmist

At our house each day is started, by Luke, with a printing exercise of a Bible verse. His very favorite ones are Psalms.  Reading God's word together is such a beautiful way to come closer.  This morning I was surprised with something really amazing.

He wrote his first poem, a psalm, for God.  

Not because his Mama is a poet. But because he learned to praise God in poetry, like the Psalms!

I asked his permission to share with you, and he agreed.

My God
Oh God, the Lord
God O
My only Hope.

By Luke, 6 years old

My farm boy. My utter joy. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So much depends upon

So much depends upon where you are at.
So much depends upon where you want to go.
Sometimes it depends upon a tractor,
a lot of snow and people who know
that so much depends upon your ability to have fun!

You gotta laugh, because you know,
so much of what crazy idea he has next
depends upon what kind of audience you are.

A perfect slope, a smooth run and a wonderful day
depends upon this man's skill behind the wheel
of that big red tractor and the heart size he is.

So much of what we do depends upon one single thing.
Making memories with him, basking in his joy.
Seeing his face and hearing the laughter that shouts,
"This is the best day ever!"

So much depends upon making the time.
Knowing the most important things
are not things at all.
So much depends upon knowing this.
Everything depends upon this.

Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski

Prompt from Poetry Jam, won't you stop by and read all the poets who shared there?  
Don't forget to leave some love...everyone needs love!
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love in Farm Country

Love in farm country isn't all theatre, wine and roses.
Sometimes it is doing the chores first so she can sleep.
Sometimes it is getting a bit of extra lumber for him.

Love in farm country isn't all dressed up and going out.
Sometimes it is warming up a truck on a cold day.
Sometimes it is making sure the fire is going strong.

Love in farm country isn't often easy, not always fun.
Sometimes is breaks your heart in a flood, fire or storm.
Sometimes it jerks you up short in a field fight for two.

Love in farm country isn't often dancing and high heels.
Sometimes it is making the first move on a tough job.
Sometimes it is leaning on a fence, just being together.

Love in farm country isn't easy on girls faces or men's hands.
Sometimes it gives us burns, cuts and wrinkles too early.
Sometimes it gives away so much more than it brings home.

Love in farm country isn't how we make a living, not here.
Love in farm country is how we make a life, right here.
Love in farm country is more, and less, simple and complex.

For my Husband Earl, I love you!

Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cowboy's Playing Card Bible

One suit of cards, I chose hearts (no questions as to WHY right?)

Some Tim Holtz distressing ink, printed tags for each card, corner rounder and adhesive.

Punch a hole, add a cowboy star and a distressed ring 
and you've got a playing card Bible, cowboy style.

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Does his own stunts

Today I'm linking up with the M.O.B. Society "Let's Hear it For the Boys". Please stop by and see the other blogs linking up there!

 Mama! I got up here myself! I'm a real stuntman!
We know real stuntmen and he is fearless like them.  
Not too fearless though, cause Mama's heart needs him safe still!
 Mama, I love you!
I love you too pal! You are my joy. 
 Sleeping like a cat in the sun...good job buddy!
Thumbs up Mama! This is so much fun!

I'm a Mama to a boy. A farm boy, a stuntman in training, a special boy who loves to learn and play. A boy who can ask about good and evil and Star Wars all day long!  He loves Jesus and God's creation.  

I'm proud of his giving heart, his loving spirit. He is a true witness to grace.

He makes me so proud doing his school work, practicing jui jitsui and looking out for littler guys.  He is teaching his puppy to be a jui jitsui dog because she was abandoned as a baby, tied up in the bush, and is very afraid of so many things.  He wonders about saving hearts and having them grow large in love, and how God works in the world.  He loves reading the Bible with me.

I don't brag about him much, but I'm really proud to be raising this child, this special miracle from God, and praying and guiding him into being a big guy.  His Daddy and I love him, and honour him.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Critters, Fog and Frost

Anna how DID you get up there? Huh! Huh!

You mean this is not a cat shelter? Really...

Frost on a foggy morning.

Hay bales, fog and hoar frost.

Spikes so sharp looking and yet so terribly delicate!

Good thing no one was looking for a groundhog's shadow here today, you wouldn't have found the groundhog in this fog!

A splash of red, hello grosbeak!

Foggy breakfast

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