Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So much depends upon

So much depends upon where you are at.
So much depends upon where you want to go.
Sometimes it depends upon a tractor,
a lot of snow and people who know
that so much depends upon your ability to have fun!

You gotta laugh, because you know,
so much of what crazy idea he has next
depends upon what kind of audience you are.

A perfect slope, a smooth run and a wonderful day
depends upon this man's skill behind the wheel
of that big red tractor and the heart size he is.

So much of what we do depends upon one single thing.
Making memories with him, basking in his joy.
Seeing his face and hearing the laughter that shouts,
"This is the best day ever!"

So much depends upon making the time.
Knowing the most important things
are not things at all.
So much depends upon knowing this.
Everything depends upon this.

Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski

Prompt from Poetry Jam, won't you stop by and read all the poets who shared there?  
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Debbie Dillon said...

Oh Shanyn.....I LOVE this and I love that photo of you. Beautifully written, my dear :) Blessings!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...the most important things def are not things...and the ability to have fun will certainly transform a day....looks like you had fun sledding...we did that fun

Mystic_Mom said...

Debbie - thank you! :-) We have been having a lot of fun's a great joy and a blessing!

Brian - We surely did have fun...when you get the double blessing of snow and warm weather you can rock it, even if it is on a man made hill on the flat prairies! Thanks for coming by!

janaki nagaraj said...

So cool...loved the pictures.

Zoe said...

So much indeed. Wise words, well crafted and beautifully illustrated too! Shanyn, I am blessed every time I read your poems. Actually, I am blessed every time my path crosses yours. xxx

Mystic_Mom said...

Janaki - thank you!

Zoe - you are a blessing! Thank you for the love! Bless you sister dear.

Helen said...

The joy we can see on these precious faces is contagious! Thank you for that gift ...

Mystic_Mom said...

Helen - you are most welcome. Their joy is truly contagious! Thanks for coming by.

Peggy said...

How fun to see these photos of having fun in the snow. And a very wise and and well written poem. Continue to laugh and smile in all that snow!

Mystic_Mom said...

Peggy - thank you very much for your wise words as well! Great that you stopped by.

The Bug said...

What fun! I love how happy you all look :)

Mystic_Mom said...

Thanks Bug...great that you came by and shared the fun.

jossina said...

yes it is a lovely poem- the thought conveyed

Mystic_Mom said...

Jossina - thank you! Great that you stopped by.

artbyrae said...

GREAT....all depends on laughter, on smiles, and on saying "yes" to "will you play with me"?

Victoria said...

SO much love and wisdom in this - the poem, the philosophy, the pictures. It makes me happy.

Laura said...

beautiful much joy depends upon the choices we make:-)

Mystic_Mom said...

Rae - thank you for coming by. So glad you enjoyed the poem.

Victoria - Glad you found some joy here. Makes me happy to share with you all. Great that you stopped by.

Laura - thank you, and you are right. Depends upon those choices! :-)

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