Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Car Show Fun

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Last weekend was the Three Hills Car Show. Most everyone will be remembering that weekend for the Friday 'most photogenic tornado ever' but we went the next day to enjoy the sunshine on the chrome, test our will power against the mini donuts and enjoy some well deserved family time.

Alberta has a number of awesome car shows and cruise nights - as the Joker says, "It's worth a Google!"

Going to a car show is a lot of fun. Taking an 11 year old who loves classic cars and his Dad, who also loves classic cars, makes for a day of total fun. Barbed wire grills on rat rods, chrome skulls on a lead sled. Classic pick ups and newer hot rods. Custom rides of every kind.

Gotta figure out how to make this work on my truck.

Having fun as a family is the best part of summer.

These won't wreck your diet - they are crocheted! 
Such a cool prop for a classic 'drive in' car.

Glitter and a Camaro - two of my favorite things!

How many people can you fit in an old school station wagon?

Yeah. Nice square body.

Love how they did this oldie. It was a real hit.

There is no school like the old school.

This was under the hood of the Psycho Bird.

No I didn't buy it. But I don't disagree with it either. ;-)

What an amazing line up!

New made to look classic - a retro mashup.

Barbed wire spider web grill - now that's a cool touch on a rat rod.

Where are you Clark? We found your car!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summer Dreaming

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Spring 2017 goals include reviving my blogs. Also being active on social media for agriculture and as a Canadian Badlands Tourism Ambassador this year ( #CBTAmbassador ). I am keeping some awesome company - check out all the great tourism ambassadors we have! Search the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram!

When you have a life that in intimately and intricately tied to agriculture you live in two seasons, 'in season' and not. We are very much 'in season' with #plant17 going strong for the guys at #CarlsonAg . They are all doing a great job! This summer is going to be a busy one with tradeshows, field tours, spraying and yet we will get in much cherished family time.

Having the opportunity to live in the Canadian Badlands ( #mybadlands ) makes that family time full of fun choices. Like the Royal Tyrell (of course) but also Dry Island Buffalo Jump, the Wintering and Hand Hills for a photo tour drive, the beautiful Red Deer River valley with all the amazing sights. Fishing, hiking and taking photos.

The Canadian Badlands stretches a long way and covers a lot of ground. It also includes so many amazing places that should be on your #SummerBucketList !

We have friends coming from Manitoba this summer and are so excited to be showing them around one of our favorite places. We'll also tour into the mountains as well - another favorite place.

The renewal of this blog will be fun. I'll share our badlands adventures, talk about farming. Share links to #EarlTalks videos and we'll learn together about the amazing things that happen on a #ModernWesternCanadianGrainFarm .

In the mean time why don't you share your #SummerBucketList and favorite #mybadlands spots in the comments? Would love to hear them. Maybe we'll even see you on the road this year!