Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summer Dreaming

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Spring 2017 goals include reviving my blogs. Also being active on social media for agriculture and as a Canadian Badlands Tourism Ambassador this year ( #CBTAmbassador ). I am keeping some awesome company - check out all the great tourism ambassadors we have! Search the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram!

When you have a life that in intimately and intricately tied to agriculture you live in two seasons, 'in season' and not. We are very much 'in season' with #plant17 going strong for the guys at #CarlsonAg . They are all doing a great job! This summer is going to be a busy one with tradeshows, field tours, spraying and yet we will get in much cherished family time.

Having the opportunity to live in the Canadian Badlands ( #mybadlands ) makes that family time full of fun choices. Like the Royal Tyrell (of course) but also Dry Island Buffalo Jump, the Wintering and Hand Hills for a photo tour drive, the beautiful Red Deer River valley with all the amazing sights. Fishing, hiking and taking photos.

The Canadian Badlands stretches a long way and covers a lot of ground. It also includes so many amazing places that should be on your #SummerBucketList !

We have friends coming from Manitoba this summer and are so excited to be showing them around one of our favorite places. We'll also tour into the mountains as well - another favorite place.

The renewal of this blog will be fun. I'll share our badlands adventures, talk about farming. Share links to #EarlTalks videos and we'll learn together about the amazing things that happen on a #ModernWesternCanadianGrainFarm .

In the mean time why don't you share your #SummerBucketList and favorite #mybadlands spots in the comments? Would love to hear them. Maybe we'll even see you on the road this year!

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