Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow Day = Play Day

I love snow days!  When it warms up enough for us to go out and really play.  The dogs get to run, Luke gets to roll in the snow, be rescue hero and do snow angels.  This day had the cows being really ignorant - wanting to bust down the fences and of course we had to chase them a bit.  Some to teach them they couldn't just randomly wreck fences, and some to give the dogs some exercise and a chance to do their 'job' as Border Collies.

I love these goodies from Scrapgirls - the colors, the stitches and the wordart.  It fit so well with the photos (if you haven't yet - really try those settings on your digital camera especially the snow one!) and the colors worked so nicely.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to 2010

It is a brand new year, just a few days old, and although I've been a much less active blogger as of late I have also had much more time for family fun, work and enjoying life!  Look forward to seeing lots of photos of our homemade and handcrafted gifts, our baking treats, the development of Lego-Town and how our 'Border Patrol' has been having fun with the cows.  

The time we spent with family and friends over the holidays has been such a blessing - so many wonderful memories and many hundreds of photos taken.  Many more to edit and scrap, print or make into gifts for the coming year.  I love doing a hand crafted Christmas - it's much fun to create something.  The gifts we got were so special, the album my sister (hate to call her in-law) Jacklyn made me was so beautiful I hardly could see it through the tears in my eyes.  Her and Chris' wonderful photos will help me make some wonderful layouts!

Even with the very cold weather we've had a super time as a family - discovered garage hockey, Luke loves doing wood working with Earl, we've been baking treats and making ornaments for the tree.  Luke has been doing art work and doing lots of activities.

We have shared in so many bright blessings this season, and look forward to a year full of them...and wish you, and yours, the very brightest of the New Year!