Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Spring!

Little Hank and his Mama Blackie.

His second full day, and what a sweet woolly boy he is. 

It's a cow parade...

Spring, she comes on frost feathered wings.
Spring, she whispers through the winter's fog.
She promises grass, flowers and leaves.
She sings the birds back home again.

Spring, she moves across the snow warmly.
Spring, she sends the snow fleeing.
She promises renewal after a winter's sleep.
She sings, paints and warms us to dream.

Spring, she teases us with warm and cold kisses.
Spring, she dances through the slowly waking trees.
She conducts the frog choirs and raven chorus.
She tickles the horses into bucking and running.

Spring, our shy girl, she comes softly and slowly.
Spring, our dancing girl, she lightens our hearts.
She brings us more sunshine, gentle rains.
She brings us storms and birthing trials.

Spring! She comes! She comes!

original poem, March 18,2011 Shanyn Silinski copyright
Photos by Shanyn Silinski, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warm Sunshine, Almost Spring?

I bundled up this morning - the usual for winter oriented people and the it hit me.  The sun is warmer now! What a wonderful thing to stand there, bucket of bird seed in one hand and scoop in the other, turning my face to the sun and just feeling it!  Warmth! The promise of spring!

I dared to say it!  The forecasters can do their best to deter me but I believe that spring is coming.  "Cold and wet spring ahead" they warn us.  Floods, more snow, storms and the like but all I can hear are birds singing and all I can see is snow melting and I can hear the joy in my little boy's voice!

We played in the lightly falling snow last night.  It was warm for us and we had a wonderful time.  It wasn't quite spring but we are getting closer.

Waiting for spring to wake up is hard to do!  We touch the trees, and imagine we hear them starting to rouse from their winter slumber.  We watch the cows and horses run and play, wishing for grass instead of hay.  The birds sing of trees, bugs, flowers and nests instead of dry old seeds and dog water. 

We sort our winter gear and get ready to trade it for spring coats and boots.

I KNOW we may have more winter yet and I'm sure spring will be the shy girl we expect her to be and that's okay.  Just knowing she is on her way is enough to lighten my heart!  It is enough to get my fingers itching for soil and my eyes are drawn to the tin bowl full of seed packets.  Waiting for spring.

How do you wait for spring?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Hop 2nd Date

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!

We gone and done it again, got out the fancy dresses and heels and Meg has put on a great blog hop!  Thank you for stopping's great to see you!

I've got a few blogs and while they have not been at the top of my life's to do list lately I'm confident that I'll be back better than before.  Please feel free to click around, visit my blogs and enjoy the scenery.

There are some winter nights where the colors
bleed away to blue and black.
Bruised snow under the moonlight,
Stark branches casting patterns on the snow.
The evening colors fade to black, 
the wolves howl as we turn to the fire.

I have to tell you, the last blog hop was amazing!  The visits, the comments and the encouragement was just amazing.  

I think as writers we need to remember the power of positive words and within our community of writers we need to show that solidarity and support.  It can mean so much and you may never know how that one comment, that one shared link can mean.  There have been days when the words didn't come and the research notes were put away to gather dust because I felt no love for my own words.  I felt I was writing into a void and that in those moments of writing in the dark it felt like racing on a rocking horse.

Encourage each other! Keep writing!  Share the words, the phrases that move you.  You may never know how much your words weigh.  I've written and raised a ruckus.  I've written and poured out my heart.  I write for me but I also write for those who honour me with their time which is given to reading my words.

Welcome to the hop, I hope you are able to visit lots of our blogs and I'll see you around soon!