Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Spring!

Little Hank and his Mama Blackie.

His second full day, and what a sweet woolly boy he is. 

It's a cow parade...

Spring, she comes on frost feathered wings.
Spring, she whispers through the winter's fog.
She promises grass, flowers and leaves.
She sings the birds back home again.

Spring, she moves across the snow warmly.
Spring, she sends the snow fleeing.
She promises renewal after a winter's sleep.
She sings, paints and warms us to dream.

Spring, she teases us with warm and cold kisses.
Spring, she dances through the slowly waking trees.
She conducts the frog choirs and raven chorus.
She tickles the horses into bucking and running.

Spring, our shy girl, she comes softly and slowly.
Spring, our dancing girl, she lightens our hearts.
She brings us more sunshine, gentle rains.
She brings us storms and birthing trials.

Spring! She comes! She comes!

original poem, March 18,2011 Shanyn Silinski copyright
Photos by Shanyn Silinski, 2011


nancydotslash said...

Thanks for the glimpse of Spring in a little calf's touches the heart of a farmer's daughter in a special way.

Mystic_Mom said...

You are so welcome Nancy, thanks for coming by!

Annie from Pittsburgh said...

Is that their St. Patty's Day parade? And where exactly are they parading to??

Mystic_Mom said...

Yes Annie it is their version, being Scottish in origin they celebrate all the Saint's days! :-) They are parading to their water and hay after basking in the sun.

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