Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trust your horse

When I was young I rode in the mountains with my Grandpa.  He was very aware of the dangers, both for us and for our horses, and he often told us about what to do if something happened.  It was a widely varied list, but the response to each was almost always the same.

  • Grandpa has a heart attack and falls off - drop the reins and let the horse take you home.
  • There is a bear or a cougar scent scaring the horse - drop the reins and let the horse take you home
  • We get separated and someone gets lost - drop the reins and let the horse lead you home
  • You get scared, sick, hurt and can stay in the saddle - drop the reins and let the horse lead you home
Every time the rule was the same.  Why?  Non horse folks may be scratching their heads.  Horse folks not so much.  The horse will almost always know the way home because horses have good memories for safe places.  Like their barn. Their yard. Their trailer. Their pasture. 

Let the horse lead you home. 

Later one I had another horse, oh how I loved him.  I could fall asleep on his back and he would wake me up in the yard. Every time.  I could trust him with my life.  He always led me home.

We are in the Lenten season for many folks.  Many folks are talking about things they are going to be giving up.  I wrote about it at my other blog, Strawberry Roan, as well.  How about dropping the reins and letting Jesus lead you?  

We are so trained, and ingrained, to be in charge, holding the reins that we forget that horses, and God, are very capable of doing their work without us constantly putting pressure on them.  We can, and should, let go of the reins and enjoy the ride.  

We worry and pick up the reins.  We get scared and pick up the reins.  We get stressed out and haul back on those reins.  A cagey old horse will stiffen up and put the bit in their teeth and keep going to where they know is right.  A young horse can get a hard mouth or grow a bad attitude.  Both are bad habits. 

We are not so different, are we?  We get stubborn.  We put ourselves in a position to tell God what He needs to do for us.  We get the bit in our teeth.  We grow a bad attitude.  Even if it still looks good and Godly.  Your heart knows. God knows.

What happens when we let go of the reins?  Amazing things! Wonderful things. Unexpected things.  We get time to breathe. We have time to pray. We can enjoy the day for which we thanked God for our daily bread in.  Amen? AMEN!