Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weather or not...

I like to think I'm pretty mellow about some things, not many according to my dear husband, but some. Especially those we can't do anything about, like the weather.  It's gonna be cold, windy, warm, wet, cloudy, clear or dry without our input or permission.  We do however have the right as farmers to complain, cajole and attempt to bribe said weather by virtue of our dependence upon it.  

I was thinking what would be the single most 'farmer' image I could photograph or paint - and it would be a farmer or a farm family looking at the sky.  So much of what we do is reliant on the weather - our eyes have forever been on the skies, forever wondering if they will favor us with what we need or laugh in our hopefull upturned faces with exactly the opposite.

Maybe it is Murphy's Law, but when I have to travel there is almost always weird, strange or just terrible weather.  Even when I think the forecast looks good, it will change from sun to rain to sleet to a road closing blizzard in less than 9 hours!  Wonder what my ancestors did to anger the powers that are weather? 

I'm pretty confident saying I'd rather deal with prairie weather than the coastal hurricanes or even earth quakes. Somehow a blizzard, frigid cold, massive rain or tornadoes don't seem so bad stacked up against that!

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