Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Scrap!

What a busy time of year - spring! I love it but it can seriously cause a scrapping backlog!  Tons of photos of us outside doing our thing on the farm, doing the family fun in the sun but scrap them? Not yet! :-)  But that doesn't mean they cannot be shared, even if they are not scrapped yet.  Biggest big deal this spring was Earl's grad from here are a few pics of that.  Any ideas for scrapping them are so welcome!  I have quite a few, some I'm doing work in in PS X2 removing or smoothing out backgrounds and evening color and lighting.  Luke still calls it 'Deeda's Special Day', and it was for us all!

I've also got GOT to redo my website ( as it is horribly outdated and really needs some work.  Alas, am out of ideas, so if anyone has ideas send them along...if I use one you'll get a special treat!

Gotta go and get Lukey ready for school...

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