Monday, June 1, 2009

Emma's Story

Reposted from Facebook - to share with you:
We live in the country, not far from a few towns, one small city and less than an hour from Winnipeg. Because we live in the country we see things that city and town folks don't often see. Some is funny some is strange and some is sad. Abandoned animals are the saddest of all - because most of the time they are or were someone's companion animal or they are very young. These are not animals who can fend for them selves in a rural world full of cows, farm dogs, coyotes, bears and wolves - not to mention ravens, cars and shooters. But still they get left here, and this is Emma's story.

Two summers ago - I can't remember exactly when - we saw a dog wandering down our backroads. She was meandering and wandering and obviously wasn't sure of herself. I didn't understand what was wrong but something definately was not right. I called her, she turned around and I could see something was wrong with her eyes. As she came to a friendly voice, tail wagging and head down I touched her and noticed that she had cataracts on both eyes. Elkhounds of a certain generation and bloodline suffer from inoperable cataracts - thankfully this trait is no longer the problem it once was. So here we have a dog who is mostly blind, wandering around the country roads by herself.

I brought her home, friendly old soul that she was, and promptly started looking for her owners. I was thinking she got lost, after all who would abandon her like that? Ads, posters, calls to animal control and shelters yielded no results - no one was looking for her. She was loved once - she adores being brushed and will hold out her paws for nail trimming. She also was kept confined as she has pulling marks on her teeth from trying to chew or pull her way out of a cage or a crate. Someone had once loved her, but then she was no longer wanted and instead of finding a new home for her they dumped her in the country.

Now if you think about it - what sort of defense did she have? None! Barely able to see (at that time she could see much more than she does now), elderly and alone. She has stayed with us - loved our son, barked and offered her 'support' to our Pyr (who is also a rescue dog), has patiently put up with cats and our other dog Feathers (yep another rescue). She doesn't wander too much any more, she doesn't see well enough but she knows her yard. She has shelter abundantly, she has animal and people friends, she has food and water and most of all she has love, safe and forever love. 

Emma's story could have turned out badly in so many ways, and so quickly. She couldn't see danger or move quickly enough to avoid it - how much would she have suffered in a ditch, alone, with no one to miss her? I am so thankful that the Angels brought Emma to us, she is a sweet girl and makes our days. She loves to bark sometimes in the night but we can live with that to know she has a safe and loving forever home. We'll miss her when one day it is her turn to cross the rainbow bridge...but for now she is our sweet girl!

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Christina said...

You are a good person to care for and love these dogs!

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