Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday Adventures

For the past two Sundays, after Church, we have taken Luke for some small adventures.  One was going to The Forks to see the bridge, the paths, the river and we got to listen to some live music.  Wonderful...Earl got to shop a bit, I got to hang with Luke.  He was quite intrigued with the river taxis and thought we should ride on one.  Earl got me a new kite to fly, and we tried when we got home...but the wind wasn't quite right.  Luke got a new book, Grumpy Bird, that is a new favorite for us all.

The next week (this past Sunday) Luke and I met our friends Benjamin, Andrew and Jules at the Assiniboine Park to tour the sculpture garden, duck pond and we ate lunch cooked by the Lions.  Luke liked the statues, the ponds and the flowers.  Feeding the ducks was a lot of fun too, thanks for bringing some bread Andrew. Luke danced and grooved to a live jazz band, and was quite curious about how come the statues got to be naked in the park but he couldn't!  After our adventure in the park we went home to relax...

Another Sunday we had Andrew bring Jules and Benjamin over to our house - the kids got to play and the grown ups got to visit.  Most fun was having the two Julias playing together, and seeing the boys hanging out too.  We bbq'd, visited the horses and cows.  Andrew brought food and we bbq'd.  We watched birds, visited and had a super time.

Took lots and lots of photos, all most all of which need to be scrapbooked and shared.  Grand time for everyone...and lots of fun too!!

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