Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Herbie Stunt Double

Luke has discovered, with the help of Mama and Deeda, the classic Love Bug (Herbie) movies...he has all but two of them (the new one and Herbie Rides Again). He especially likes it when Herbie splashes in water, and of course we had a couple of nice days and were able to find a nice puddle for Luke to reinact his favorite Herbie splashes...good thing my camera had fresh batteries! He had such a super great time. Word art by Bethany, backgrounds by Honey Designsand Scrapgirls. My photos, laughter and fun by Luke. Bethany has some wonderful word art (okay she has LOTS), Honey has kits that just totally rock and Scrapgirls are my girls and the stuff there is almost as super as the people you'll meet!

I did paper pages this weekend too, along with my digital page of Luke, which is the opposite of my usual. I've gotten almost 9 pages done in traditional and hybrid forms, while I only got one digital done :-) But I got to scrap and that felt SO GOOD!

I made a mini album for Earl's Kok using some wonderful freebies from Raspberry Road Designs (Hootin' Annie) and they were put into an owl shaped chipboard album. Wrapped a ribbon around it and used a cute paper clip with a flower to tie it all shut.

I'm on the deck right now - a few skeeters but the Off Powerpad Lamp and the wind are taking care of them, Luke is playing in his sandpit...I have to do some work but it is so nice right now I can't miss these moments of summer.

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