Monday, April 6, 2009

Paper Pages and Projects

Luke and I had fun tonight doing some 'Easter' present pages for his Grandma, Grandpa and Alberta Grandparents (Grandma Jacki and Papa Dude).  He did one for his Deeda, but Deeda wasn't feeling well enough to help him do one for Mama...that's okay little man!  Mama knows you do great pages!

I'll post pictures tomorrow - he cuts, crops, glues and uses stickers.  We sure had fun and he explained why he did each thing on the page and then proudly went to show his Daddy (Deeda).  It makes my heart feel so good to see him proud of his creations, and have fun doing them.

I think I'll chat more when I post his photos tomorrow, did a new blog header (did you notice?) and am hoping my DH can sleep through the night with his bronchitis...poor big guy!  I love them so tomorrow I'll chat about the preschool scrapbook project I am doing and show you Luke's latest pages. Night all!  

Note: decided to 'edit' rather than do a new post so the pages won't get lost :-)  Here are some of Luke's creative pages on my Facebook album.  Click here!

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