Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not spring showers, spring snows...

And here we go again with the snow - at least it's going to slow down the run off, a bit, but with the ice everywhere I'm not sure if it will gain us much ground for flooding.  It could end up delaying things rather than actually preventing them...but in the spirit of spring, and wanting needing wishing hoping and praying for spring...okay I give up we'll have what we'll have.  Just might delay our spring planting, our cows might calve on less green grass and our spring road trip might not happen when we worries...just the way things go! C'est la vie!

But of course we are getting close to the end of exams, and you'll probably find a long rant about being done school on my sweet hubby's blog at once he has time after exams are over and he is destressed.

For now I'm doing my work on my working group, volunteering with MERA and the new Steinbach Humane Society and of course hanging out with my little man Luke and my big man Earl.  We have a busy few weekends coming up with a presentation, a scrapping crop and a fundraiser (find out more at

Here are my new pages...enjoy...share your comments and hopefully I'll be doing some CT pages again and there'll be even more from great designers.

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