Thursday, April 2, 2009

I rode the Spring Blog Train...

and it was awesome, not that I'm done yet...there are 91 (you saw it correctly ninety one) designers contributed so when you are done you'll have a HUGE mega kit. All for FREE!  Thanks to everyone who did this...Amazing stuff.

I've put my name in to a couple of designers for being on the Creative Team - something I really enjoy. Cross yer fingers...

Speaking of crossing fingers, we are all still hoping that the flooding won't be terrible here or for our friends once again in North Dakota.  We are getting ready and prepared for the worst which is better than not planning at all.  Another blog from someone in North Dakota is Jill DZine!  Check it out...

Going to do some pages, check the animals and help my DH study for his last three exams...then he is done his Ag Diploma...wahoooo!!

More later when the coffee kicks in...just had to let you know about the Blog Train!

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Jill DZines said...

Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I always love to read comments from visitors!

Will definitely be praying for you folks up North on the Red. It is bad, and as we both know, all that extra snow (we got nearly 16 inches, I heard!) all has to find it's way to the North-flowing River... Thanks for the work you do helping animals and pets to stay safe!

We were SO thrilled to find that the hotel we stayed at last week (Clubhouse Inn, formerly Holiday Inn, in Detroit Lakes, MN) had opened up it's doors to allow people to bring their pets along - for all the desperate folks from Fargo-Moorhead who didn't want to leave their pets in a shelter. We have both a cat and a small/medium-size dog that I just didn't have the heart to bring anyplace else, so they came with us! :)

Hope you're able to stay warm, safe, and dry! (And thanks so much for the link-back too!) :)
- Jill D

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