Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catching Up!

Things have been a bit busy around these parts, I'm part of two CT's now and that's pretty exciting!  Inspired by Dominic Designs and A+Designs. Make sure to check out their stores from the links in my posts :-)  We are busy with spring flooding things - not at our place but helping out where we can. It's been very wet, and although the past few days were very nice, it's a bit cooler out today.  We have been spending lots of time outside, even on cooler days, because we are SO TIRED of winter! Luke asks each morning, "Can I go outside for even 10 minutes?" and we have been lucky enough to spend hours a day outside. Checking fence, cleaning up the yard, getting the flower beds ready and of course thinking about planting flowers, gardens and mowing lawns.  I did a 'frame' challenge recently on Scrapbook Flair and some pages for the various kits I've tried. Check them out:

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Anonymous said...

Hi sweet one...just checking your blog out and am delighted to see Luke all over it!! Will try to IM tomorrow...been under weather past couple days..but getting better.
As usual your work is awesome!! And I love it

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