Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem: Threat or Promise

"Red sky at night..."
Waves of dark clouds
rolling across the
sweeping prairie sky.

"...sailors delight..."
I sail down a rain dark
highway, tail lights
blinking red behind me.

"Red sky in morning..."
Rain drops pounding,
sky soaring reds, and
yellows, purple and blue.

"...sailors a warning..."
The night swallows them,
the last painted shades
of an August sunset.

copyright 2011 Shanyn Silinski


Zoe said...

I am with you on this, watching the colours leech as "the night swallows them, the last painted shades". Love it! :D

Mystic_Mom said...

Thanks for coming by Zoe and for the love <3!

jen revved said...

Beautiful-- I recognize this as built from the prompt-- haven't posted mine yet. I love how you work the sailor's warning into this-- mystical and beautiful! xxxj

Mystic_Mom said...

Jenne, thanks for coming by and for the comment! xox

Mama Zen said...

I could close my eyes and see it. Gorgeous!

C Rose said...

Enjoyed the imagery you created it, quite melodic. Lovely write ~ Rose

Mystic_Mom said...

Mama Zen thank you :-) So good to see you here.

Rose - thank you for coming by, and for your comment.

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