Monday, August 22, 2011

Poem: Remember the Ride

Prompt from Magpie Tales

DeSoto, Chevrolet, Austin, Plymouth or Lincoln.
Who can remember that now?
Brother, boyfriend, father or friend.
Long gone from memory now.
Siblings, friends, lovers or strangers.
Lost from memory, saved on film.

The tires were hot, in the Missouri sun.
Paint gleaming, a boy's pride and joy.
Engine rumbling, pulsing, tired of waiting.

Three smiling faces at the camera,
two reflections in the paint face them.
Photographer, and lover laughing.

A wild bunch of five, ready to run.
Dirt red roads stretching before them.
Flat runs, tight turns and rolling hills.

Gas, clutch, brake. Steer. Laugh.
Girlish screams, soft and high.
Nervous laughter behind the wheel.

Heavy springs float them along,
dust blows behind down the road
behind them like a rooster tail.

No one remembers their names.
Their faces captured for that moment
on film, a print lost to their families.

No one remembers the day or time,
if there was a destination in mind.
All they remember is the ride.

copyright 2011 Shanyn Silinski


Helen said...

One of my favorites this week!!!!

Mystic_Mom said...

Helen - *blush* thank you!

jen revved said...

This is terrific, Shanyn-- I said it was a Plymouth as well-- looks like our old Plymouth from my childhood in Albuquerque-- xxxj

Brian Miller said...

lovely...and the ride is a great memory...and every once in a while the names resurface in the memories...finely penned...

moondustwriter said...

Delightful and you make the memories for that moment alive for them
I have a box of old un-named photos I should use them as prompts

Mystic_Mom said...

Jenne - I thought it was, hard to tell from just two windows! :-) Thanks for stopping by, and enjoying the ride.

Brian - thanks for coming along for the ride, great to see you again. Your words encourage me.

Moon Dust Writer - Thank you, and yes I think you should dig them out for prompts, what a great idea! Bright blessings.

Susannah said...

Really nice. I enjoyed this very much. Nice Magpie! :-)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Ohh I loved your poem...
Such a happy feel to it...
Truly, one of the best takes on the prompt this week!

Mystic_Mom said...

Susannah - thank you for stopping by, and for the love :-)

Erratic Thoughts - *blush* thank you! So glad you stopped by.

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