Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poem: Lightning Lady

Like a goddess she rides the winds, 
gathering clouds to her like a gown.
Richly, damply, highly charged with energy.
Cloaked in towering cummulousnimbus,
she seems lovely at a distance. 

Spinning she gathers more and more to her.
She pulls them in, energy fighting for freedom.
Trapping the lightning, the effort shouts in thunder.
So tall now the winds move around her,
she creates her own breezes below.

Danger comes, lurking in the lovely.
Danger comes, seething through.
Birds flee, dogs cower, cats hide.
Danger comes, flashing a warning.
Danger comes, rumbling a promise.

Like a goddess she blots the blue sky dark,
shadowing the ground under her gowns.
Leaves bend up for the blessing of rain.
Flowers bow their heads for the benediction.
She seems gentle as the rain begins.

Under the gowns the lighting seethes,
it roams in ropy light seeking release.
Dancing on the thunder it waits
for the skirts to part, for it to fly free!
Lighting finds its way to earth again.

Danger comes, out of a clear blue sky.
Danger comes, from a fluffy sweet cloud.
People stand tall, and stare.  Unaware?
Danger comes, a fisted hand of energy.
Danger comes, delivered in a smokey charge.

Like a goddess she leaves a terrible wake,
destruction, blessing, beauty and death.
Land soaking up rain, animals bent low,
trees, houses and more torn up and tossed away.
She delivers her gifts with no favor or reason.

Under her gowns dances the deadly light,
seeking to find with one finger a place to send
the total combined love and rage of a storm.
I would face her, arms spread wide, ready to embrace.
I would let it fall around me and know at last.

Danger comes, and like her I can strike.
Danger comes, and like her I am deadly.
Some step back, some cringe away, others flinch.
Danger comes, and like her I just am.
Danger comes, and it is in us - deadly,  living and alive.


Mel said...


Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

jen revved said...

So many gorgeous turns of phrase here-- as you know love this and your careful, lyrical work, Shanyn-- beautiful. xxxj

Mystic_Mom said...

Thank you Mel and Jenne for coming by and enjoying my poetry today! Bright blessings!

Zoe said...

Likewise, I love this! Particularly the thought of lightening dancing under her skirts - that was the clincher for me. :)

Mystic_Mom said...

Thanks Zoe :-) such a cloudy billowy dress just couldn't be ignored!

Maureen said...

Strong imagery and a lovely lyrical voice.

Mystic_Mom said...

Maureen, thank you :-) Such a pleasure to have you stop by!

bumfuzzled said...

my favorite line is "She delivers her gifts with no favor or reason." perchance because it mirrors my reasoning mother earh and her cosmos is what the always was and does what she always did. . .and yet, there are those who'd take it personal.

but. on to the poem. loved the images and tightly maintained flow from one to the next. nice piece of of work :)

bummy / Monty

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have created an epic of personification here. I love the extra musicality which the refrain added to the whole poetic experience.

Mystic_Mom said...

Monty - thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by. I agree, nature does what she does but it isn't personal. Maybe sometimes with what we've done to her it should be... :-)

Kerry - just came from your wonderful poem. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

Morning said...

deep, thoughtful writing.
Thanks for sharing,

Mystic_Mom said...

Morning - thank you! And thanks for coming by.

The Orange Tree said...

haunting, dangers are everywhere.

we can survive, right?

Mystic_Mom said...

Orange Tree - yes we can survive! We have! :-)

Ann LeFlore said...

this is so amazing and such great flow and images. It is sure a pleasure to read this and so much of an inspiration to read full of a lot of deep thoughts.

Mystic_Mom said...

Ann - thanks for coming by and leaving your comment. It is great to see you here! Thanks for the link, on my way over now!

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