Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Oh how I wish I could keep my face to the Son,
Faithful as a sunflower watching the sun
crossing the arc of the sky.

Oh how I wish I had the faith in that seed,
planted by winter hoarding birds,
growing in a tiny bit of soil in the crook of a willow tree.

No matter where you plant one,
they always seek the sunshine.
Why can't I, oh Lord, be as faithful?
Planted in rough soil or easy,
all I need is to hold on and seek You!

They seek the sun, the feed birds and bees.
They shade frogs and smaller plants.
Strong as a tree in stalk,
delicate velvet leaves and abundant seeds.

Bet you can't look at one and not smile?

Promise of a tight bud, the fulfillment of a full bloom.
Soon fading to seeds, winter feed for birds and animals.
Reminders for me, during the dark days and during winter months...
The Son always shines and all we have to do is keep 
facing Him!

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