Thursday, July 28, 2011

M.O.B. Society Hop!

Welcome to my wonderfully blessed and beautifully chaotic life!  I ranch in Manitoba with my husband and son.  We have a lot of fun, we work hard and we children of God who celebrate His creation every day!

This is my Mom blog, where I share about our adventures, the stories that move us and the poetry that life and the Lord bring me.  Sometimes it is just photos, sometimes it is a story. Sometimes it is just stuff!  My faith blog is Strawberry Roan and my healing journey is over at Scarred Seeker.  You are welcome to stop by either and say hi!  

We have four rescue dogs - Border Collie, Catahoula, Great Pyrenees and a Corgi mix. We have Highland cows and horses, cats and lots of wild critters who call our ranch home.  

As a writer, photographer and scrapbooker I have a pretty creative mind, and it is so different from my work, which I love, that taps into my work in emergency services and animal care. 

We are avid readers, lovers of books and some are authors too.  We read Dr. Seuss, Cat In The Hat science books, we follow the adventures of the trucks in the Truck Town books by Jon Scieszka, any books about farming and heavy equipment, the 'talking' Britannica set of books on science, nature and the world are very popular around here!  Poetry, Bible stories and singing songs keeps the sounds rolling.  We homeschool and spending time reading aloud or to ourselves but together is really important and a lot of fun.

My son, Luke, loves Bible stories and his two favorites are the Easter Story and the Good Samaritan.  He also loves to read about Martha and Mary.

It gets muddy, dirty, and kinda crazy around here but we love our ranching life and wouldn't change it for anything.  It is a blessing to be stewards of this land, this water and these animals, both wild and not so wild.

Thank you for coming by, I hope you come again!

Bright blessings, always and in all ways...


va_grown said...

Stopping by from the MOB Society blog hop--So nice to meet ya! We're a dirt-raising, craft-making group too! :) It's so fun to meet more busy mommas.

Mystic_Mom said...

Thanks so much for coming by, it is great to see you! Bright blessings...

Erika said...

I'm stopping by from the MOB Society blog hop too! Nice to meet you!

Mystic_Mom said...

Nice to meet you Erika, thanks for stopping by! Bright blessings!

Anonymous said...

{Stopping by from BmBH}

Hi! I just have to say, I absolutely love the pictures of the cows!! (Sorry... I know that's probably kind of weird!) We are currently in the process of finding a home with some good flat land so we can get some 'real animals' as my kids put it (Since a dog and her five puppies, a cat, and rabbits don't qualify as REAL animals LOL.

Anyway, I'm excited to meet another mom who loves to play in the dirt (and not just for planting flowers) and being crafty all in one... it's more rare than you think! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hi! I love, love LOVE your shaggy Highland cattle! If only we had some acreage... sigh. Chickens and a rabbit will have to suffice until we can do that! I'm a digital scrapbooker too, although I confess I've been terrible about doing ANYTHING in this area in the last couple of years. LOVE my digiscrap stuff though! Nice to meet you!
~ Dawn @

Jamie said...

Your blog is awesome,we have lots in common(I keep saying this to lots bc we do)!!I homeschool my son(only child)he is 10,we have lots of chickens and rescue dogs when we get that chance.We had our rescue,great pyrenese)pass away a couple weeks ago due to the heat.
Please come on over and follow our family.

Dawn said...

Hi! Nice to "meet you". Love your intro blog - mud n' all! :) Blessings!

Meaghan said...

I'm visiting from the MOB Society. I love your cows, so cute!! My older son loves the Truck Town books. He thinks the Truck Town Nursery Rhymes from the library is his book since we borrow it so often. It is great to meet you. Many blessings,

Mystic_Mom said...

Wow look at all of you coming by! That is so cool! Okay let's see...

Meaghan - Love those redos on the rhymes! They rock...!! Gonna visit your blog again soon!

Dawn - we can be a hard working, muddy fun time bunch. Thanks for stopping by!

Jamie - so sorry to hear about your Pyr, our girl loves to dig holes for coolness or go swim in the swimming hole! Am going to be stopping by your blog more often. Thanks for coming by, we do have lots in common!

Dawn (5kidsandadog) - you gotta scrapbook again! Digi is so quick and easy and the stickers never lose their stick! Liked your blog a lot.

Dayswithdesi - I like that you love the cows, they are so cool! That's why I have em! Besides they are super easy to handle. Loved your blog, will be going over again soon. Thanks for stopping by!

You all have blessed me, what a wonderful thing to meet so many new friends!

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