Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love and Yellow Flowers

It isn't spring or summer, or even fall, if I don't have an abundance of yellow flowers for my hair.  Luke reminds me that it is a 'beautiful way to be lovely Mama"

My birds come and sing, eat seeds and tease the cats.  It would not be spring without their visits to the feeders, their covering the apple trees in their lovely colored and feathered bodies.

Need to beautify your yard?  Plant a Pyrenees!  Abby loves to dig, she loves the damp, soft dirt of the flowerbeds.  She digs like an excavator, trenches like crazy and doesn't seem to understand when her work is not really all that helpful to the landscaping.

Our newest visitor to the feeders, and one that is able to get the blackbirds to leave the feed alone.

I love spring, this time of year when things are starting to get green and leafy.  No real bugs yet.  Spending time on the deck, in the yard, out in the pasture and hayfield.  Laughing, playing, tracking, learning and being together.

I'm so thankful for the time we spend together, I'm so thankful for the sheets dried on the line smelling like spring.  I'm so thankful for soft grass on barefeet, calves testing grass and chasing cats.  Dancing in the yard under the contrails, laughing at the birds, watching the stars emerge from a deep blue sky blurring into night.

Longer days, warm nights for windows left open.  Planning for flowers, planning for the garden.  Planning for doing not too much on the nicest days.  Planning to savor each God blessed day.

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