Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is that you spring?

Is that you spring? Knocking on my door, with your warm winds and melting snows.
Is that you spring? Making the cows silly and giving the horses reason to play.
Is that you spring? Teasing us while you dance with your sister winter.
Is is you spring, come and stay. Don't just visit and  leave us again.

I'm pretty happy that the weather is so much nicer out, even with the overly wet conditions and the flood warnings spring is a great time of year!  

I've been doing some spring cleaning - in my life, in my house, on our farm - and it feels great. Dirty, gritty, dusty and nasty but great all the same. Knowing you've clean up, cleared out and started fresh is so wonderful.

Speaking of fresh, check out these pages with Aisne's newest kit Swirls & Pearls. Love this kit my dear and cannot wait to do some more with it.

Let me know what your spring cleaning will be this year - I'd love to start the conversation with you!

Bright blessings...

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