Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm so excited!

I am so excited, that silly song is going through my head, but I really am!  For a few reasons - one spring cannot be THAT far away (right? right!) and even with the cold and snow I'm itching for green grass and plants and dirt and mud and all that goes with it.  

Another reason I'm excited is that I'm part of a great CT for Aisne's Creations (see the new blinkie) and she does great kits.  I've done a couple of layouts for her and sure am having fun. My friend Pascale has some new kits and they are so worth checking out (see my pages on those too!)  I'm posting them in my albums at Scrapbook Flair and on Facebook too.

Even with Luke not feeling well and Earl being stressed with school and things going bananas at work life is great - we have awesome friends, super family and a wonderful life full of blessings, joy and light.

I'm trying to do some more digital layouts because our house is a bit chaotic with the renovations in Luke's room. My office, the sunroom and until recently the dining room and hall way were completely stuffed with stuff!  Getting it going though and as soon as the wood creations are complete and the new wall paper is up we are done! (until the next project I suppose!)

Speaking of chaos I should go see what's going on  with the laundry and why the dog has a cat on her head at the window - it is warming up so I think they are just messing with me cause when it is super cold I'm a real softy about letting our animals in to mob us!

Let me know what you think of the pages, and I hope my other scrappy friends have time to get some new kits done for us to enjoy (Michelle? Lesley?)

Love and bright blessings, always and in all ways...

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