Friday, December 12, 2008

Calm before the storm...

There are storm warnings and watches for us, cold weather looming in the forecast and around us there are folks without power suffering through ice storms.  Down south they are struggling through their first snow in decades and it seems that this is our warning shot that winter is coming for us too.  The birds are eating lots of seed, the deer are out browsing and the cattle are busy making beds in the bush.  The signs are there for a storm and yet I look out on a calm day with no wind, warmer temperatures than the night before and a quiet grey sky.  I think the ocean before a storm is like this - lulling the unaware, lurking just over the horizon.

Are you prepared? Generator fueled up and working?  Food stashed away?  Batteries charged?  Storm ready?  Not that we can be ready for everything but we can be prepared for the basics of being stranded, especially in the rural areas like ours. 

I spoke to a friend of ours from Texas about getting a generator and he wasn't sure he'd need one, that was before the hurricanes of course!

Earl has gone to get some hay for the cows and horses, and we'll bed them in the trees for some extra comfort during the storm they say is coming.  I don't know how much I trust forecasts, it seems our worst storms sneak up on us, rather than giving lots of notice. This could be a tempest in a tea cup, and I wouldn't mind a bit!

Gotta go and open gates, will be scrapping later so might post a freebie for fun or a layout or two.

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