Friday, September 6, 2013

Why I don't really journal but

...I blog. In four places of my own, and on others. I also put tons of photos on my pages and social media.  That is my journal.

I have two cameras, plus my phone. I record our moments when I can.

That is my journal.

Private thoughts, dreams, and ideas get shared via poetry. Sunflower Poetry

My faith which is no secret gets shared at Strawberry Roan

The healing journey I am on was shared on Scarred Seeker for a while but I've let it lapse so I can write here and on the other two.  I am still healing, we always are working on it aren't we?

I am utterly fascinated by colored pens and pencils.  I love nothing more than to decorate the pages of a journal with illustrated quotes, sayings and Bible verses.

It has been said by my hubby that if you really want to know me read my poetry.  I guess the same could e said of any of my blogs.  I write from the heart and am not ashamed of my faith or my family or those I love. 

I have done a gratitude journal, and right now it is packed with 90% of our family belongings but I am still grateful for so many abundant blessings each day.

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Dawn Paoletta said...

Oh, thank you Shanyn for linking up ! Now I also know all the places I can discover your beautiful heart! I love all of your sharing and your one poet I mostly can get- I love that. When you are unpacked, we can see your gratitude journal _ I keep one of those as well. So grateful to have you join us.

Dawn Paoletta said...

PS the blog looks a bit different - I really like it!

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