Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama Love

Mother's Day is coming this Sunday for many of us.
How do you celebrate your Mom or being a Mom?

He holds my face, seeing not the wrinkles or lines.
He sees my eyes smiling and knows love.
I let him, knowing that this moment is precious.
I see his eyes, and I know joy and love.

Grandmother, mother, daughter.
Auntie, sister, friend.
Each woman can wear a role.
Yet none quite measure up
as being your son's first love.

Being a Mother does not need a womb,
it needs nothing more than a heart.
A heart willing to be broken and healed
over and over again for them.

I never thought I'd be a Mom. Mama. 
Those words I resigned myself not to hear.
But God laughed at my plans and fear
and put in my arms one of His own.

I think of my Mom, and those Mothers I know.
Those Nana's and Grandmas, Aunties too.
Each mothers in a special way, and yet
we all love from the same holy place - the heart.

Oh Lord, thank you for turning this stone to a 
heart of flesh that loves, bleeds, breaks and heals.
Thank you Lord, for blessing me with
a love that has no measure this side of heaven.

Happy Mother's Day Jacki, Marlene, Diana, Zoe and all my other sisters who 
mother their own and everyone who comes their way!

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