Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poem: Conference Call

Phone tucked into my shoulder, conference call in my ear.
Listening, understanding, nodding my head to a computer screen.
Sounds of playing little boy and barking dogs.
Traffic going down the road, where do they all go anyway?

Phone on mute, little man with questions, dogs telling tales in the yard.
Listening, taking some notes, wondering when we'll get to the point.
Sounds of the birds, cows and horses.
Traffic going across the floor, another car chase my little man?

Phone battery starting to weaken, I hear the warning beeps.
Listening and wondering when I'll be able to sneak a handset change.
Sounds of people on the call - paper, pens, cars and families.
Traffic going across my screen - games, emails, messages and chats.

2011 Copyright Shanyn Silinski


Brian Miller said...

nice...so much going on in an instance...i am not sure i would know what to focus on...seriously i have a hard time on conference calls...lol

Ann LeFlore said...

This seems like a typical day at home when nothing can get done. It seems you wake up and want to move forward but for some reason there is too much holding you back. Work days are always like this and it seems you are there to just juggle around between phones and emails. Great job

Anonymous said...

Ah... All those meetings, taking up way too much time but still not moving anything forward in any way that makes them necessary... Conference calls and meetings... Not a huge fan! Your poetry? Huge fan! Brilliant description, Shanyn!

jen revved said...

This is very evocative, Shanyn-- so glad you're here at "the pub"-- you'll find some wonderful poets within this meme and on Saturday's poetics as well. I love all of the detail in this and how they accrue to throw off the character of our daily lives. xxxx kisses for you and your fuzzy cows. xxxj

Mystic_Mom said...

Brian - I've heard that about conference calls, they sure give me lots of time to do things! :-) Thanks for coming by.

Ann - yes those days seem to abound at times, broken up by moments of sheer inspiration! Thanks for coming by.

CC - Awww...you are so sweet!

Jenne - the cows send huge licks back (they thought I had cookies!). Thanks for coming by Jenne!

Mel said...

Awe conference calls. I don't miss those :) I felt like I was there with you. Great job :)

Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

Anonymous said...

All that? I saw a woman driving down the highway at 70 mph the other day with a phone and make-up brush in the same hand, taking turns between the phone and the rear view mirror to apply her makeup. Multitasking doesn't scare me. But she sure did!!!! Our lives are just way too busy aren't they?

Joseph Hesch said...

This was so obviously (to me, at least) a woman speaking in this poem. No man could ever accomplish so much multi-tasking greatness as was expressed in this very cool piece. -- j

Beachanny said...

The noise of traffic and business..it's a real world and a real virtual one as well. I'm doing it too and wished that some of this was available when I had little ones. Thanks.

Mystic_Mom said...

Mel - thanks! Great to see you here, and yeah conference calls can really be that way sometimes!

John - life is way too busy way too often! I've never done THAT while driving it would scare me too! :-)

Joseph - you made me smile! :-) You are so right.

Beachanny - There is way too much noise sometimes, some of it welcome and other times not so much. Thanks for coming by!

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