Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food fight!

I had bought them for a Christmas party and that party never quite happened.  They sat in the truck since Christmas and didn't go bad.  (makes you wonder if they were made from the same stuff as Twinkies!)

I was gardening, cleaning out some flower beds, and then WHAM I get it right in the backside with a gooey blue cupcake!  The food fight of 2011 was on!

Love is...a food fight?
Luke, Earl and I were tossing icing, cupcakes and laughing like crazy.  I tell you it was the exact precise kind of fun we needed!  Calving, working, learning and life can be some pretty serious stuff but this was just plain old silly fun! 

When was the last time you had a food fight?

Oh and the look on the dog's face when she was licking icing of Earl was priceless - HE's EDIBLE! And SWEET! Then she cleaned our laundry, shoes and the lawn too...talk about a sugar high! 

They are edible! Nah, just tasty!
"How much fun did you have buddy?" THIS MUCH!

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