Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Photos

We do family photos around Christmas time every year, and it does make me smile to see how we have all changed and grown since Luke came into our lives those five Christmases ago.

It can be a challenge though - finding something interesting for a theme, some suitable date with the right lighting and of course the mood has to be right. Cannot force either of my guys or the photos won't be spontaneous and fun.

Two days ago we went outside to play while it was lightly snowing and quite warm. Bundled up and playing with the dogs, Luke's joy at being a boy outside was so infectious! I couldn't stay inside and work! I grabbed my camera and my tripod, threw on a hoodie and fleece jacket and went outside to capture some of his spirited laughter and contagious fun!

We did get our family photos done, and I have four favorites of us three, plus a few treasured ones of Earl and Luke. A couple of good bloopers for scrapbooking too!

Enjoy, and share the links to your family Christmas photos or comment to share your ideas for great locations, poses and fun things that help get those wonderful photos we treasure so much!Bright blessings this Christmas season, and all year through!

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