Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back in the Scrap

Oh yeah I've been getting back in the scrap and does it feel good? Oh Yeah! Went to a crop last Saturday, met some rockin' scrappers and am going next Friday.   Thanks Janelle for doing a great crop and Sharon I'm looking forward to yours, I'm bringing a friend and we are going to have a super time.  Last Saturday I did five layouts and made two chipboard albums.

I'll be posting some photos tomorrow...tonight I'm thinking about what my next layout project should be - and sadly  I know what it must be!  I have to finish pages that are languishing in albums, waiting for a final element, bit of journalling or even a photo.  No more new pages until those are done!

A few weeks ago Earl and I were working on a page of us enjoying a winter bonfire and we thought it needed marshmallow embellishments.  We used stickers of sticks and made our own dimensional marshmallow elements.  I've put the tutorial here for you - this would work to make snow men, snow balls, marshmallows or anything else!

Keep on scrapping!

How To Make Dimensional Marshmallow Elements

This is the method Earl came up with while helping me with a page.

Here is how we got this great dimensional marshmallow element for our paper page, you can do it too!

Stamping Up (or other) Chalk set
Square punch
Thick white paper
Corner rounder
'stick' stickers or dimensional sticks
Popsicle stick or embossing tool
Round edged container (I used a wooden candle lid)
Large foam 'pop dot'

1:  Punch your squares, be sure they are to scale with what you are using for sticks on the layout
     Round the corners with your corner rounder

2:  Using dark brown chalk, chalk the top and side edges of your marshmallows
     smudge the brown about a 1/3 of the way in to the shape, getting lighter towards the bottom

3:  Using black chalk, chalk the edges on top and sides
     Randomly smudge some black (like scorch marks) on the top 3/4 of the marshmallow

4:  Place the edge of the marshmallow over your rounded object
     Using the popsicle stick or embossing tool, curve the edges downwards, all the way around

5:  Re-chalk any areas which need more brown or black (to look toasted)

6  Position your pop dot on the page, over your stick
    Adhere marshmallow without bending the edges flat again

TA! DA! You have a dimensional paper marshmallow for camping, bbq and fireside pages...

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