Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nothing Better

What is my favorite sound?  Laughter!  From the belly and full of absolute joy.  We were playing on his slide and he wanted me to 'watch me Mama!' as he went down on his belly, as far as he could go and then would pop back up and laugh!  What fun to see how far down he could go.

There is, in my not so humble opinion, nothing better than genuine, soul deep laughter.  Nothing better than the gift of joy so simple and humble that a loving companion and a slide can make your day.  Nothing better than being blessed enough to be a part of the laughter.

Too many days have sadness and too many days have fears, anger and too many days we struggle.  We don't take enough time to find the joy in laughing with a child or playing in a homemade splash park.

How wonderful to be able to splash on a hot day! How wonderful to be able to share in the splashing!

Where is your joy going to take you today?  Where are you going to find laughter today?
Don't wait to find it! Don't wait to have someone make it happen!

Be well and be brightly blessed, always and in all ways...

I used this great kit by Vivayne, see her store and gallery at:


Kathmeista said...

You know I always wanted to do an experiment (since I was once a psych major) on the efficacy of using the sound of children's laughter as a mood improver. Obviously the whole thing would need to be thought through but I had a sneaking suspicion that listening to a child's laugh for a few minutes a day would at least improve one's mood for a reasonable period of time. It sure makes me smile :)

Mystic_Mom said...

Kath I think that would be a great study or experiment...I'd be a subject or volunteer the world's greatest laugher! :-) I think that the laughter of children can be a magical thing for many people! :-) When shall we get started?

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