Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrapping, Learning & Ranching

What a long time it has been since I shared with you here - many hundreds of photos, many scrapped pages and many many hours spent enjoying the arrival of spring.  We have been calving, fencing, planting flowers and garden, herbs and trees.

The humming birds are back, the orioles toured through and more will be here soon.  My sweet hummer girl is hovering just outside my window - it's so good to see her back this year!  We have two hammocks set up in the maple trees - one for me and one for Luke.  It sure has been nice to enjoy them, even Feathers likes to sleep in the hammock.

The calves are running, playing, scratching and sleeping - their mama's are slimming down and shedding their winter hair.  The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming and when it's not wet we are making puddles for the little man to play in.

I took some photos of my paper pages that I did yesterday, and I have more digital ones to post later.  I've been having lots of fun using different techniques and ideas to do pages.  I've been using more buttons, stickers and clusters of elements and strips of paper.  It's been working well and by doing some quick organizational steps I can pack a tub of goodies and go anywhere and do pages.

First steps are to pick the photos, grab two or three papers, elements and extras which might work, then grab the extras you always take to crops.  Then with your tools tucked away you are ready to scrap at a moment's notice - and lately I've needed every moment!  No time to leisurely select, sort and debate - it's scrap now or never it seems!  And the pressure is working.  

My new camera, for Mother's Day, is totally rocking.  It is a new model Nikon, a Coolpix L110.  It has the most awesome face seeker focus, does wonderful macro shots and is a hot red to boot!  Been taking tons of photos and loving the features - the sports one is a continuous shot that makes great stop action movies!  The sunset/sunrise and dusk settings totally kick it.

We've had the BEST long weekend - got so much done, spent time together and really enjoyed the moments.  It's a great way to be together...

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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, it felt very 'this is my great life' and 'take some time to smell the roses'....really really good. ;)

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