Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Time

Don’t worry – I’ve been in tighter spots than this.

This could be exactly what Feathers is saying...after all the Border Collie wants to be the one in charge - chasing cows, eyeing up the horses.  Not stuck in the middle between Belle, Luke's Mare, and Hot Donna, one of Luke's favorite cows.

I wish I had a video of this - Luke was walking the dogs with me checking the cows. Counting the calves, making sure everyone was fine.  He sat down with Feathers for a rest and Belle came to say, "HI".  She bent down and gave him a nuzzle and a sniff.  

The next thing I knew Hot Donna was coming over for a sniff too.  Poor Feathers was so not impressed but she knows not to charge or bark, especially when she is with Luke.  But Belle knew what to do, that cagey old mare,  she started to huff and snort.  She didn't move her body except for her head and neck and she made the cow back up enough for her and Feather's comfort.

Now before you get worried I was close enough to touch Luke and he was not in harm's way at all.  His horse would protect him, and that cow is one of the most gentle souls you'll ever meet.  They all really love the extra visits and attention around calving. 

The dogs enjoy the extra runs and spending time with us outside, after a long winter this is great fun for us all.

Today was a very special day for Abby because Earl brought her for a long walk with us and the rest of the Border Patrol.

Abby played in the water with Silver, she ran with Feathers, she had such a great time!  She sat down in the ditch full of water and watched a butterfly.  

We had a great walk with all the dogs, we sat down for a snack and to rest in the late afternoon sun.  Just out of the wind it was a perfect early spring afternoon.  Silver may not hear very well but he has no real fear of anything, including water, and man that pup can JUMP!

We went to the pond for a while, really a nice sandy beach and swimming hole.  Luke was hoping to see some water bugs but it's a bit chilly yet for them!

Sometimes life on a farm or ranch can be busy, full of stuff.  It can be messy, dirty, sticky, gooey and hard.  But there are days, like today, when it is so wonderful that all the other times are faded away like a newspaper left out in the sun.  Washed out, faded and just memories compared to a bright afternoon with three people who love each other, five dogs who have lives no one ever would have imagined and a faith in our Creator's touch that binds us together in love.

As we walk back to the yard, a small hand reaches inside mine.  We go a few steps and I hear this, Mama when we are walking in love we are walking in God's heart.

Did you get to spend some time walking in God's heart today too?  I pray that you did...


My Buzz on Vibes said...

AWESOME pictures! I love dogs, horses and highland cows. You are so lucky. :)

Anonymous said...

Mystic Mom, that's one of the best blogs I've ever seen - you write beautifully! Good work.

(aka Clango - wpgk9)

Tracy Kayrak said...

I love your blogs Shan. You have such a way with words:) Just beautiful x

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