Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning

It's not Sunday morning any longer, we've crept over the noon line and I could use a nap. I'd love to be scrapbooking but university has taken over here with assignments and projects. May 1 is going to be such a GREAT day for Earl to graduate...wahooo!!

We have chores to do soon and now the snow is lightly falling down. I don't mind the snow this year, it has come later and the temperatures are so mild. Hard to imagine just 2 weeks ago we were on our beach though in 20 degree weather!

Luke will want to come out and check his cows and feed the bottle baby he named, "Baby Toodles" but I think maybe today he should be napping inside with his Daddy instead.

I love to scrapbook, digitally, traditional and hybrid, and am currently re-reading a favorite old series, The Sacketts, by Louis L'amour. A bit of a change from my usual cop/mystery/weird books but still a great read all the same! I have to finish my novel (yeah half done and stalled out crappy deal man!) and my house looks shamblized! But it's loved, lived in and we spend more time laughing and loving than anything else! I'm no Martha or Rachel, just a working ranching scrapping loving Mama and wife. Don't get better than that...

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